Pre-PIPs/RFCS(New way of the Push Foundation interacting with the community)

This is the working name for Push Improvement Proposals that are proposed by the Foundation as “request for comments,” to the greater community via Push DAO.

As we’ve announced with our recent revamp of Push DAO, we’re on our way towards a fully decentralized ecosystem.

Pre-PIPs are a thoughtfully planned step forward in this respect.

Using the same PIPs template the community uses to propose improvements to the protocol, DApps, and the ecosystem around them, the Foundation will can post Pre-PIPs/RFC on the forum.

This sets off a 7-day comment period where the community can weigh in on the upcoming marketing campaign, DApp feature, or protocol improvement(for example).

As we move towards the greater goal of Push being truly governed by the community, it’s important to map out and take every small step that we need to take to get there.

Pre-PIPs is the next logical iteration forward towards full-scale community governance of ecosystem improvements at all levels.

When are Pre-PIPs set to begin?

They can begin as early as June 1st 2024, with the launch of the BD and Grant subDAOs.

Who will be involved?

Everyone! Everyone can and will comment on pre-PIPs. Votes will be held via forum poll temperature checks for pre-PIPs to gauge community support.

Where can I read more about the process?

The process and the template is coming soon, before June 1st!

Until then, if you have any questions, reach out to @EC3



More Context:

End of week too, I will be sharing another set of documents describing pre-PIPs which are what they sound like. PIPs that are not fully community run yet but will be. And they start as Foundation work that will now consider community input directly. A good step, moving towards more and more PIPs being possible.

We will have the categories of PIPs we discussed. Nothing changes there. This is just a cool way also for the Foundation to submit work they plan to the community for the community’s opinion before it is done.

A good step.


this is a great way for the Push Foundation to interact with and carry the Push community along in their plans. it is a welcome addition! this shows the Foundation’s commitment to the progressive decentralization of Push Protocol by being community driven and showing that they truly value community input


Proposed in full, by me to clarify. The Foundation agreed since it’s not so much something that needs a vote here first, but a series of things that will be commented on here, and are a net positive for the DAO.