Business Development subDAO

I love this friend and how are we going to measure. Are going to still looking for engagement or it’s more related to on chain activity?

It´s a great implementation but maybe we can just make some API to the Push notifications to be published in twitter, since i’m not sure if the AAVE labs account or the Uniswap X account are enough to get traction, i think this needs to be more oriented to the web3 people outside the noise and try to reach other platforms like lens, zapper chat, warpcast or something alike. I mean i totally understand the way you all the masters of business development are trying to stewards the decisions of where do the muscle needs to be stronger, but this tools are going to be something that we need.

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I think the mesure it’s possible focus of the impact os this project, but don’t funding the phase 1, util the phase 2, If u get it an call and interesting of the Protocol /Solution web3 of implementation.

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Today, we had Sarthak - BD Lead from Push join us to provide insights into the current landscape of business development for Push.

He validated and confirmed the considerable efforts required to close a deal, outlining key steps from scouting potential opportunities to the final stages of closing.

During the discussion, several essential points emerged for the definition of the BD program:

  • Sarthak emphasized the importance of establishing a connection between new collaborations and the Push BD team, ensuring a unified source of information accessible to all parties involved.
  • It was acknowledged that certain strategically significant collaborations may need to remain undisclosed until the official announcement.
  • A crucial aspect is the creation of an easily accessible support system for BD contributors, offering assistance in both development and business aspects. An intriguing suggestion involves leveraging Ambassadors with technical expertise in areas such as integrations, marketing, and business development.

All the mentioned points are integral components of the proposed program. As mentioned earlier, we plan to establish a working group shortly, tasked with shaping this proposal and guiding it through the stages leading up to a formal vote.


This is definitely very important, a database of all current partners and one of all prospective partners, along with who is managing the relationship / pursuing the partnership would definitely help make the coordination a much easier process.


Maintaining a database to track the BD SubDAO progress is a fantastic idea! This can ensure that every contributor is aware of the entire state of BD proceedings at a given point in time and mitigate scenarios like:

  1. Multiple contributors chasing after a single BD prospect.
  2. Contributors re-approaching a prospect already in the BD pipeline.
  3. Contributors approaching strategically significant prospects specially handled by the Push BD Team.

In addition to a balanced incentive structure, another important element that can lay a strong and long-lasting foundation for the subDAO is education.

Education should not just focus on the ‘how-to’ side of things but also on the ‘right’ and industry-standard way of doing things.

While onboarding contributors to the subDAO, the Push BD team can share a Guidebook that highlights:

  1. Push’s BD ethics and principles.
  2. Media Kit Details.
  3. Various go-to approaches that contributors can follow to achieve their targets easily.

Weekly or monthly SubDAO calls can be hosted by the Push BD team to tackle various roadblocks, suggest various approaches, discuss BD trends, and more


great points!

specifically on point 3, in one of our previous governance calls, Sarthak (@skywalker) from the Push BD team gave an overview of what a typical push BD process/lifecycle entails. full details here. Perhaps, this insight can be one of the resources to be added into an accessible repository and/or Guidebook for onboarding contributors like you’ve suggested.

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Fully agree with this, part of the allure of web3 is being able to come in and learn, and then implement that knowledge where appropriate. If we intend to build a strong decentralized network of contributors, education will be a very important aspect of this SubDAO. Every prospective partner we approach should praise the professionalism and communication skills on display by SubDAO members.

100% FOR this, we can also invite some guests including BD experts in the DAO / Web3 space to come and provide greater context and education to the SubDAO and its members.

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Discussion on the BizDev SubDAO continued yesterday on our weekly governance call, check out @christiandike’s recap here for the latest developments.

We are taking community feedback to finalize this discussion and put forward a formal proposal to the DAO. Join the Push BizDev SubDAO Working Group on Telegram if you are interested in contributing.

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