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Data Analytics Project

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    I’m a Double degree engineer with a Minor in Mathematics, currently remotely working as Data Scientist. I have been working as a data scientist for almost 3 years at an AI start-up, building data analysis reports and storytelling for our clients and building predictive models for our products, using Pandas, SQL, Scikit-Learn Keras, and other tools. I have also worked on building data pipelines to preprocess and monitor large amounts of data for our deployed models (PySpark, ETL, Grafana).
  • Twitter: Danield21054481
  • Discord: DanieldaCosta#9786
  1. Project TL:DR

Development of a Dune Analytics Project/Dashboard featuring a number of unique analytical sections that present visualizations of key EPNS metrics. The main objective is to provide the community with a quick, high-level overview of the protocol, making it easier to spot trends and obtain insights about the PUSH token.

  1. Proposal Category

Other: Data Analytics. Extract meaning from raw data using a data visualization tool.

  1. Project Overview

The project consists of developing a dashboard(s) that tracks key features of EPNS’s token using the Dune Analytics platform ( This platform uses PostgreSQL to query on-chain data and creates a dashboard that group queries together to tell a story.

The project aims to create dashboards that track a variety of EPNS metrics:

  • $PUSH Token Price
  • $PUSH Holders
  • Daily Volume Traded
  • Average PUSH token per Transaction
  • Daily Transactions
  • Governance: Top $PUSH Delegates, Proposal Results, Total $PUSH Delegated over time, Voting Power

This is by no means an exhaustive list but it gives a good indication of the metrics that can be tracked. It is definitely possible to discuss the inclusion of new metrics that EPNS wants to be tracked.

After consolidating every query and dashboard, it is possible to create a Project on Dune’s website, assembling all EPNS dashboards created. The process of creating a Project will be done by submitting a pull request to duneanalytics/projects Github ( You can find an example of Dune Analytics’ current project here:

  1. Value Proposition to EPNS

Provide critical reporting and metrics information to EPNS. The most efficient factor of digital data dashboards is their capacity to showcase multiple metrics and KPIs in one centralized environment simultaneously. By centralizing these metrics in Dune, the EPNS team can better visibility of its business, improve results, accelerate growth, etc.

Moreover, these dashboards will also provide more visibility of PUSH token development to the EPNS community.

  1. Funding Requested

5000 PUSH Tokens

P.S. The project assumes the use of Dune’s FREE account, where Queries and Dashboards are publicly accessible. If desired, DUNE PRO can be used instead, where Queries and Dashboards can be private, but there is an additional price of $390 per month per user.

  1. Milestones

1 - Definition of EPNS metrics that want to be tracked (All data available on Dune comes from the blockchains). Validation of the metrics’ feasibility. (Duration: ~2 weeks)

2 - Construction of queries and dashboards based on the metrics defined in step 1. (Duration: ~4 weeks). The graphs updates will be shared weekly to keep the team up-to-date with the project’s advancements.

3 - Submission of the EPNS project to Dune Analytics GitHub page ( (Duration: ~1 week + Time it takes for Dune to accept the pull request).

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EPNS Dashboard starter project: Dune

  1. Referral

Cool idea! I support this proposal

Nice project, thumbs up

Really interesting proposal
Dune Dashboards are great and provide very easy to digest visuals for everyone.

My concern here is that these dashboards will focus only on token data. While most of the protocol transactions are off-chain there is not a lot to track in terms of usage at the moment.

Would be great to talk more about the impact of this proposal at this stage of the project (EPNS), where our greatest focus is on developer & projects adoption.

agree, id care more about fundamental metrics like number of subscribers over time and number of projects using push