EPNS University Blockchain Club

1.Project Name
EPNS University Blockchain Club
Kamala Immaculate

Am Kamala Immaculate Gender Female Bachelors in IT ,UI/UX designer, joined the blockchain space in 2019, I have experience in designing websites, Applications, creating infographics, Community development for Blockchain , can do content and translations in Both English and Kiswahili languages


5.Project TL:DR

Development,creation of content, education thus advancing blockchain education and addressing the current traditional challenges with envision of the Blockchain technology and With EPNS a decentralized notifications protocol that will enable wallet addresses to receive notifications in a platform-agnostic fashion from both decentralized and centralized carriers. ​
6: Category
7: Project Description

Our project will focus on playing a critical role in advancing blockchain education and addressing the current traditional challenges with an envision of Blockchain technology and introducing EPNS with it’s unique usecases to the Ethereum ecosystem / applications ie decentralized notifications protocol that enables wallet addresses to receive notifications in platform agnostic fashion from both decentralized and centralized carriers
We will achieve this through meetups, hackathons, training, fireside pitches thus bringing awareness to our community in Different Universities across the Country
We do plan to host three meetups per month as we plan to have our milestones completed in two months with a total of 6 meetups
We shall different organizers in different Universities and Cities to help us coordinate with their respective audiences
We shall spend this grant to cover venue costs, equipment hiring like projector, PA system, Video and media services, Food and Drink costs, logistics and branding ie swag , Meetups banners
8: Value Proposition

This will promote the research, awareness and development and new solutions to the web 3.0 infrastructure with the introduction of the decentralized notification protocol
Bringing more adoption and use of the EPNS as we shall be showcasing some of the products like applications that will enable help in increasing awareness and eventually drive the adoption of the protocol.
9: Funding Request
10000 push tokens

10: Milestone
First month to have hosted three meetups in two Universities ie Makerere and Kyambogo University in Kampala
One community meetups in Gulu town with Blockchain Club of Uganda

Second Milestone
Second month to have other three meetups in Mbarara and Kabale cities
Setting up and moderation of telegram group and Twitter with over 300 members

Three meetups per milestone

Wallet Address
Push token address
MetaMask Ethereum Mainnet



Great idea :grinning: :grinning: think, since Universities has got a huge population of Blockchain Enthusiasts, so this can be of great opportunity for them to get introduced about Ethereum Push Notification service