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1. LearnWeb3
Haardik: 5 yrs as a dev in the blockchain space on the protocol level. Worked at Dapper to build the FLOW blockchain in 2019, transitioned into Decentralized Identity and contributed to work in W3C, Decentralized ID Foundation, and Hyperledger Foundation. Working at Ceramic Network as a protocol engineer, and co-founder of LearnWeb3 from the last ~5 months.
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Kacie: 4 years as a developer, devrel for bit over 1 year now. Top 0.1% tech twitter educator. Very successful in onboarding users into various tech ecosystems and doing growth marketing.
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4. LearnWeb3 is the fastest growing, and best quality, education platform for developers looking to enter web3. Without spending a dollar, we've gained ~35,000 active students learning from us, with over 20k in the Discord and ~50k on Twitter. We're mapping out the knowledge graph of web3, and providing free structured courses for students at every node in that graph.

5. DAO / Education / Social

6. **Project Overview**
LearnWeb3 is mapping out the Web3 knowledge graph, and training students for free without gimmicky incentivization models to get them from A to Z in any niche of the space. We are laser-focused on teaching fundamentals before teaching practical levels, as an all rounded developer has better mental models to work with and builds better apps. 

For example, we teach the importance of Gas, how it works, how it's calculated, and why it can be expensive sometimes - before jumping into Layer 2's or Alt-L1's. 

For EPNS, we would like to build a full education track which explains everything around the protocol itself, how it functions, what a channel is, how to set one up, and build a dApp where EPNS can be integrated on a Testnet. 

Timeline for this is late Q3/early Q4. All education content will be 100% original and written by us, with a final review from the EPNS team before we go live.

Re: costs, we don't charge a large lump-sum grant amount, as that doesn't align incentives in the long run. Instead, we would ask for you to pay us retroactively monthly $100 per developer (in $PUSH tokens) we onboard into the EPNS ecosystem i.e. the student deployed a dApp to testnet with EPNS integrated and has also used it and played around with it to see it in action. This means you only pay for what you get, and we are incentivized to keep content updated.

7. **Value Proposition to EPNS**
EPNS ecosystem will get more trained developers who understand the protocol deeply and can build with it, and will be building dApps with EPNS integrated at hackathons, as projects, as potential startups, and also help spread the word.

8. **Funding Requested**
$100 per developer onboarded monthly in $PUSH tokens.

9. Milestones
Content goes live in Q3/Q4. Monthly reports are submitted to the DAO (need to figure out how) with an auditable trail of developers deploying EPNS-integrated dApps to testnet and completing our education tracks, and payments are made retroactively.

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Harsh Rajat from EPNS
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