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Project Name - DApp World



About Team

Hello Everyone :wave:, I am Aniket, and I have 5+ years of experience in programming, I tried different technologies like AI/ML, Cyber Security, web, IoT, Blockchain, etc.

I spent the last 3+ years in the blockchain domain, built many amazing production-level DApps for clients, worked with different blockchain companies, and mentored many blockchain enthusiasts.

Now working on a skill development platform to upskill developers in the blockchain domain and reducing a lot of noise around blockchain education, with a team of 3 more highly ambitious and talented members. Building an amazing community alongside, mentoring many students. Due to our background, we make resources very fun and easy to understand for any developer.

About Project

DApp World is a learning ecosystem for Blockchain technology where developers can learn everything about Blockchain and earn while learning, A goto platform for Blockchain Developers.

The platform provides exceptional educational content favoring fun and interactive learning experience for developers who want to learn and get into Blockchain Space.

Proposal Category - Educational

Project Overview

DApp World currently have 6+ Courses, 20+ Quizzes, 12+ Assessments, 150+ Tutorials, and 75+ Articles to help any developer learn and get into the blockchain domain. Currently, there are thousands of developers learning on the platform.

Push Protocol’s web3 communication network, cross-chain notifications, and messaging for dapps have solved an important missing piece in how we interact with blockchains enabling new ways of building applications on the blockchain. We want to build high-quality resources to help developers use Push protocol with ease.

Value Proposition to Push Protocol

Quality Resources that will bring more and more developers to Push ecosystem and assist them while using Push protocol.

Currently, there are very less resources and the present resources are all clouded, unorganized, and dispersed which developers find really hard to learn from.

Even though there are good communities with thousands of members but there is clearly a lack of high-quality resources to help developers learn easily.

With DApp World’s contribution, Push Protocol will have high-quality courses to serve the community to educate and upskill them about building using Push in a very fun and interactive way helping developers at every stage of their building.

If we provide quality resources, it helps developers to learn easily and will also help the Push community by reducing the number of queries from developers while developing dapps.

These wide amounts of resources of different types, produced over time, covering many areas will fulfill the requirements of any developer from a beginner to an expert.
By creating these promised resources focused on Push Protocol, these can be spread across the different communities including the ones we are building alongside, which over time will accelerate the pace at which developers jumping into Push ecosystem.

Funding Ask - 6000 $PUSH → 1500 USD (at 0.25 USD)

Fund Usage : Content Creation, Video and Graphics, LMS update, etc.


Course - Introduction, and Building with Push Protocol

This introductory course will contain detailed description about Push and its ecosystem and teaching developers how to build a dapps using Push.
Push has different ways of getting integrated into any decentralized application and the better we serve the content favoring application-oriented learning, the better learner can understand and will be able to use Push easily in their applications and projects.

The objective of this milestone will be creating beginner-level of resources to help anyone learn about Push and enter the Push ecosystem. This way any developer will get quality and useful resources for building dapps using Push and it will also clear all the basic queries of the developers developing on Push.


Content Types - Videos, Blogs, Tutorials (*in course + Individual), Labs, Certification by Push, etc.

Content Count

  • Course - 18+ Topics + Labs and Certification
  • Articles - 5+ Articles targeting Push Blockchain
  • Tutorials - 6+ Developer-oriented tutorials to assist in the development
  • Quizzes - 2
  • Online Workshops - 3

Timeline - 25 Days

Fund Ask - 6000 $PUSH → 1500 USD (at 0.25 USD)

Wallet Address

0x2d4d99aDCA64FB74A3e95e97F171CB0aF55f6149 (Ethereum Mainnet address)

Relevant Links & Attachments

Website :
Course example : Introduction to solidity | DApp World

Thanks for submitting your proposal @aniket
There is a new process which starts here: Push Grants Program

The new process is simpler and faster, however is great that you shared your proposal here for discussion.
Same as with other proposals in the past, it’s important to add supporting facts that allow us - Push - to understand well the value proposition for Push.

  • Sharing numbers from previous courses will be helpful.
    • How many students have taken previous/current courses
    • Whats the ratio of students starting vs finishing those course
    • Additional metrics of the success of the course in terms of students working for projects that can potentially implement Push.

When it comes to educational platforms one valuable metric to measure the ROI for Push is to understand how taking the course will lead to more devs implementing Push. Of course in this case is also important to understand additional activities that goes with the courses. i.e.:

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Participation in hackathons and events to announce the Push course
  • Other

Hopefully you can join us on a Thursday to demo your product to our community.