PGP : Dev Angel <> EPNS

  1. Project Name : Dev Angel

  2. Email : kratijain88 @ gmail . com

  3. About You

    Krati Jain, Full Stack Engineer with 11 years experience

  • Previously @ Crowdpad, Questbook, Microsoft, Flipkart, CRED
  • Twitter handle: kratijain
  • Github handle: jainkrati
  1. Project TL:DR
    As of today, while developing a feature whenever a developer is stuck, they ask questions on stack overflow or discord. The question may get quick or delayed solution suggestions which may or may not work for the specific scenario the developer is facing. But the time and opportunity cost of waiting is really high. So we are building a platform where developer can get on a live debugging call with experts.

  2. Proposal Category

  • NFT
  • Tooling

As part of Dev Angel we are creating a platform / dev tool where developers can raise requests for any kind of help they need to

  • debug ongoing issues in code
  • Learn complex concepts quick from an expert
  • Peer code with experts when you are feeling lack of creativity

Experts can show interest and fix a time of debugging call over chat with the developer. Once they get on a Huddle01 call and the issue is resolved, the expert would get the money paid by the developer. Each such recorded debugging session can be minted as a video NFT by the developer and expert. When someone else faces the same issue they get access to the Video NFT by paying a small amount and the money goes back to the developer and expert who created the video NFT.

We built basic project in EthIndia 2-4 Dec 2022 and also won one of the Best Use Cases of LivePeer bounty, Pool Prize for Push and Graph protocols.

  1. Project Overview

What is done:

  • Wallet integration
  • User management
  • Tracking questions
  • Video call integration using Huddle01
  • Uploading video as NFT using LivePeer
  • Indexing data and querying using Graph Protocol
  • Basic UX in React

Demo Video:

User Personas:
The most important users of the platform are developers and developer relations experts. As of today there are only few insufficient platforms where developers raise questions hoping they are answered on time: Discord, StackOverflow, Telegram Groups, WhatsApp Groups.

None of these enable prompt resolution and easy tracking of frequent issues both. This is where Dev Angel can shine.

  1. Value Proposition to Push Protocol
    The chat between developers and experts on Dev Angel will be powered by Push Chat. In the long term we will also integrate Push Notifications. Dev Angel will be one of the key scenarios for Push Protocol application.

  2. Funding Requested
    19,430 PUSH (5K USD)

  3. Milestones

Jan 2023:

  • list all video NFTs created
  • integrate video player from LivePeer
  • implement chat between developer and expert using Push Protocol
  • Add support for searching through question tags
  • Integrate Discord Plugin to post questions on Dev Angel from Discord
  • Payment through escrow

February 2023:

  • Ratings and Reputation
  • Developer on chain resume
  • Expert on chain resume
  • Onboard first 5 developer communities
  1. Wallet Address

  2. Relevant Links & Attachments
    GitHub - shivam-nagar/devAngel

  3. Referral
    No, got information about grant program from the interaction in Eth India with Push Protocol