Proposal for EPNS Integration with

Push Grant Program Application

  1. Project Name: Truts
  2. Email:
  3. About Team:

Raj Karia: I am Raj, Founder at Truts, I used to lead community at questbook, started memedao, am an active contributor at various daos like Superteamdao, banklessdao,, pizzadao, biconomy. I have always been around community and understand the problems of community and now working on solving one the biggest problems that is discovery.

John Swaroop: Fullstack web developer experienced with MERN stack, exploring Crypto/Web3 while learning and contributing to web3 projects
currently working as a full-stack web dev at

Few of the Projects I have worked on :
Created a Community earnings dashboard for SuperteamDAO which helps track and visualize the north star metrics of the DAO
Proof of work:

ROI calculator for various crypto index baskets of Index coop
Proof of work:

Vilashan Patel: Lead designer, working as a lead product designer for canadian government. He is part of superteamDAO, BruhDAO, a 10kdesigner alumni. Worked on multiple NFT projects as a designer.

Srijith Padmesh: I’m Srijith Padmesh, an incoming final year Engineering student at the National Institute of Technology, Calicut. I’ve worked on multiple projects/positions, both in campus and for companies.
In campus, I’ve served as the secretary of an organization, leading over 50 members.
In terms of career, I started my first internship as a marketing/sales intern for Unschool. I then completed 2 consulting projects, working on research of carbon credits ecosystem in Europe and Digital Marketing Strategies in the kitchen-ecommerce space. I worked as a project manager at Dehidden, an NFT Utility firm focused on developing extensive web3 experiences for clients. I’ve managed over 5+ projects in the last 3 months, scoping out, managing, and launching projects that reached over 10k+ people.
At Truts, I work as the product manager, taking ownership of all the organizational processes to the product focused decisions. I’ve iterated a lot of product requirements in our V1 that was recently launched and have my full focus on delivering features in our V2 that help appreciate key KPI’s of Truts.

Ishan: Uptill now I’ve worked as a DAO contributor, in SuperUMAn DAO, UMA DAO and Across Protocol. I’ve also been a consulting developer to Risk Labs. I’m also in a Developer Advocate position for Laika Lab, where we’ve created a Postman for Web3.

Before making a switch to web3 I’ve had the opportunity of being a founder of an amazing startup which unfortunately went under in December 2021, however I’ve had much to learn from the experience which I’ll be utilising in many ways ahead.

Currently with Truts, I’ve the freedom to utilise my skills as a generalist, focused primarily towards development.

Denil Bhatt: I’m Denil Bhatt, and I’m passionate about continuously learning and building solid web backends.
At, I develop optimal REST APIs while also managing the database.
I’ve previously worked on two projects: a restaurant management system and a customer relationship management system (CRM).

Dheeraj Borde: I am a smart contract developer with, I am in the space for almost a year now and the future exites me for what we are building is quite an important aspect of Web3 world.

In the past I have worked as developer at HCL for 2 yrs

  1. Project TL:DR
    Truts is enabling discovery of web3 communities in an efficient manner by combination of providing right information and reviews to help new people join the community and make it easier for them to explore the ecosystem.
    There are more than 500,000 communities in web3 including DAOs, NFTs, DApps, DeFi. But there is no efficient way to discover these communities. This is where Truts comes in to help people identify which communities to join and onboard them to web3.

  2. Proposal Category

  • DAO
  • Tooling
  1. Value Proposition to EPNS
  • We will help EPNS ecosystem to be discovered by others
  • Helping in giving voice to EPNS community to share their views about EPNS on a platform watched by everyone in web3
  • We have a tipping feature, we will integrate EPNS to give notification everytime someone is tipped by the community
  1. Funding Requested
    $10000 USD, which is 19608 PUSH at rate of 0.51 USD as on 25th May 2022.

  2. How will we use the fund
    Create bounties to add details about EPNS and other communities on our platform. Basically, these funds will be distributed back to community in EPNS tokens

  3. Wallet Address

  4. Resources
    Discord: Truts


Really great idea!
Having an already working product helps understand better where notifications can plug-in.

While adding EPNS to your platform is great, I would like to learn more about where exactly you plan to implement notifications aside from the tipping.

A list of use cases will really clarify much more the value proposition from EPNS.
Also, I Invite you to join office hours in our Discord in case you have questions or need assistance massaging this idea.

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Other than tipping, we were also planning to integrate EPNS when someone upvotes or downvotes on a review, we are still figuring out how we can do it effeciently.

Would definitely join office hours and showcase product to everyone

@raj would be great if you could add the points discussed during office hours.

I believe something that will greatly help moving this forward is a more detailed breakdown of the notifications you are implementing based on milestones.


  • notif for upvote and downvotes
  • notif for use case #2

Additionally, would be really helpful if you could provide some numbers regarding

  • Current users Total & Active
  • Forecasted number of communities to be onboarded by EOY 2022
  • Potential number of users forecasted by EOY 2022

Also, talking about your users/customers acquisition strategy and GTM.

Looking forwrd to these details!

Hey @Jaf

Our current traction,

560+ communities,
500+ reviews,
100k+ total website views,
6k+ unique users on website

All of the above in 2 months without any dollar spent on marketing.

Forcasted numbers,
No. of communities by EOY 2022: 4-5k at least
Potential users on platform by EOY 2022: 80-90k at least


We are partnering up with chains to onboard all the projects, DAOs and other communities on respective chains. We are talking with 11 L1s and L2s which are industry leaders (can’t disclose names on a public forum since the talks are undergoing), that’s how we will capture the market.

Integrations for EPNS:

  1. Notifs for upvotes and downvotes
  2. Notifs for tips on reviews.

Let me know if you need any more details from our end.

Hey @MrJaf @Jaf wanted to know if there are any updates

hi @raj
Spoke with you in DM on twitter, but also just to clarify here.

The proposal needs to meet the criteria to go to Poll Phase.

  • Follow the proposal template (done)
  • Submit Proposal under Push Grants Program (done)
  • Live for at least 7 days (done)
  • Have a minimum of 10 likes (this one only has 4 likes)
  • Have a minimum of 3 comments (in favor)