[Proposal] Update the Push DAO Snapshot Space

Simple Summary

This proposal seeks to do the following:

  1. Fill in the gap left by the departure of Governance Lead @mrjaf, to ensure continued operational efficiency of the DAO.
  2. Add a new address to the Push Snapshot Space as an ‘Author’.


Push DAO has recently had to say goodbye to a critical member of the DAO. @mrjaf was the Push DAO governance lead and was the key point of contact for many of the operational aspects of the DAO. One of the important operations he was tasked with was operating the Push Snapshot Space (reviewing, editing, and moving proposals to vote).

This proposal seeks to appoint a community member (i.e. myself) as an ‘Author’ on the Push Snapshot Space. This will allow a high-context community member to carry forward any future proposals that will arise. Ideally, the role of moving proposals to Snapshot would be done by Push Delegates. However, considering Push DAO does not currently have a recognized delegate framework, this will be a temporary solution until a more robust framework is in place.

Lastly, just for context, anyone can post to the snapshot space (if they hold 75,000 $PUSH) however this is a huge financial commitment for most DAO members, so I am proposing the author role.


Snapshot Roles

A snapshot space role is a set of permissions related to managing a snapshot space and its proposals for which an account (wallet address) can be granted. There are 4 roles, controller, admin, moderator, and author.

The ‘Author’ role can only create proposals regardless of their voting power and select the proposal validation strategy. The Author cannot make any changes to a snapshot space, and can only post proposals. These proposals can be taken down by any of the other roles, therefore the risks of abuse are relatively low. An author can also be removed at any time at the discretion of the Snapshot space’s admins.

Why should I be trusted with this role?

I have been an active Push DAO contributor for the past few months, and have been a community member of Push DAO for more than a year now. Some of my contributions include spearheading the currently passed Push Grants Program v3, and the still-in incubation Push DAO Development and Growth SubDAO.

I also have extensive experience with all the operational aspects of the Snapshot platform, I was previously a governance operations lead at Index Coop. Part of the remit of this role was reviewing, editing, and posting proposals on snapshot, where I was an admin (examples here & here).


Modify the Push Snapshot Space to add @sixtykeys (0xc2971FE806CE4438dA09e21fC7be7FB121Cf7e13) as an Author to the Push Snapshot space, as outlined by the official snapshot docs.


FOR: Add @sixtykeys as an author on the Push Snapshot Space

AGAINST: Do not add @sixtykeys as an author on the Push Snapshot Space


this is an important proposal because it hinges on the DAOs ability to efficiently coordinate governance activities, and we have quite a few key proposals in discussion that may need to pass through a vote in the coming weeks/months (e.g. PGPv3 Grants Council elections, BD and DDG subDAOs).

also, i think after this proposal passes it would be nice to have another proposal concerning developing a process/framework around electing a person (preferably more than one) for this role. this will ensure business continuity for the DAO and will be especially helpful if one person suddenly vacates the role. or if only one person is preferred to fill the role, it could be such that an election to fill the vacancy should be subject to a fast-track governance process (where the period from discussion of the proposal on the forum to voting is significantly shortened) considering how important the role is to the facilitation of governance activities in the DAO. this could at least be in place pending when Push establishes a recognized delegates framework.

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I think this is a great idea, having a trusted community member who can post proposals to Snapshot is an essential feature of governance that must be maintained.

It is important to note that this empowers the author with a semi-governance facilitation role, and therefore if @SixtyKeys is selected for this role, he must remain neutral as it relates to posting proposals on Snapshot, all proposals go to Snapshot as long as they follow the governance process.

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Hey Guys, since the content in this discussion has remained relatively unchanged and has received support from the community, I am changing the status to a formal proposal. I will give it some more time before calling for a vote. :bell: :purple_heart:

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