Grants Council Election - February 2024


This post aims to ratify the inaugural Push Grants Council which will be in charge of stewarding the Push Grants Program v3 which was passed through the Push Governance process. The election serves to fill two positions, one position designated as the Push Grants Lead Role responsible for coordination of PGPv3, and the Evaluator Role, responsible for overseeing the grant application evaluation process and ceremonies.

The Grants Council is scheduled to operate for one season and will be in charge of creating and operating a new Push Grants Program that will take over the current process.


The following are the self-nominated candidates for the Push Grants Council, their backgrounds, socials, qualifications, and experience have been hyperlinked below. Alternatively, you can view the full nomination thread here.

Christian Dike (@christiandike)

Sixty (Brian Adam) (@SixtyKeys)

JengaJojo (@jengajojo)

EmixPrime (@emixprime)

René Hernández (René Hdz) (@Rene)


The voting system being used in the governance vote is weighted choice voting, as in our experience this enables voters to have more optionality as it relates to candidates, when it comes to selecting candidates it is best to ensure that voters can express their choices without being confined to a single absolute choice, weighted choice voting allows voters to express their choices in varying degrees. An example can be viewed here.

A video tutorial of weighted voting can also be found below :point_down:

The candidate with the highest number of votes will assume the Grants Lead role, while the second-place candidate will take on the Evaluator role. If any of the elected members choose not to continue, the runner-ups will be offered the opportunity to step in.


I am formally requesting a snapshot vote for the DAO to formally elect the inaugural Push Grants Council, who will steward Push Grants Program v3.


Hey Everyone, the election for the Push Grants Program v3 is now LIVE on Snapshot :bell::purple_heart:

Vote here