Push Protocol Turkey Community Building Proposal

  1. Project Name: Push Protocol Turkey
  2. Email: onursarayli @protonmail.com
  3. About You: It’s Onur Saraylı and I’m from Turkey. I have been dealing with e-commerce & marketing for ten years. I did my master’s education on Interactive Marketing (3,94). I published my master’s thesis on blockchain and IoT. As I have been dealing with e-commerce and community management for ten years. I have been a community manager for about eight years. I am both the global community manager and Turkey leader of Aztec Network, Connext Network, Graph Protocol, Covalent, Agoric, Portal Finance and many other projects. I built all of their Turkish communities from scratch. If you wish, you can also take a look at my personal website, which includes more and my resume.
  • Email: onursarayli @protonmail.com
  • Twitter: @onursaraylii
  • Discord: sarayli
  1. Project TL:DR: To grow Push Protocol Turkey, in our regional social media platforms, to educate people to support the widespread use and awareness of Push Protocol.

  2. Proposal Category:

  • Marketing
  • Educational
  • Other: Community building and management
  1. Project Overview:

While the global communities of Blockchain projects are important, their regional communities are also very important. Starting from the regions to raise awareness of the project creates a snowball effect. The main reason for this is understandability. Most of the countries with high interest and participation in cryptocurrencies and blockchain are financially underdeveloped or developing countries. And in most of these countries, awareness of English, the global language, is low. In this context, the role played by regional communities is very critical in order to include people who are willing to develop and participate in the game, but who may stay away from your project due to the language barrier.

The main goal of our project is to build and manage the Push Protocol Türkiye community from scratch. There are currently several different regional communities of Push Protocol. However, Turkey, the largest blockchain country in Europe and the fourth largest in the world, does not have any regional community. The first thing to do is; is to translate all Push Protocol documents into Turkish. Thus, community members who do not speak English and constitute the majority will be able to easily get information about the project in their own language. The second step to be taken afterwards is; Turkey profiles/channels are created on Twitter, Telegram and Discord to continue announcements and community conversations in Turkish on these platforms. In the third step; While trying to increase awareness by creating original content in Turkish, our aim is to contribute to increasing awareness by optionally collaborating with local crypto influencers who are most suitable for the project. At this point, since I have been working in the web3 ecosystem for many years, my close friendship with all the leading KOLs in our ecosystem will be of great benefit. As the last step; To continue the long-term management and development of these regional platforms. We will continue to inform everyone by working simultaneously with our global page and team and instantly transferring shared developments to our regional community, and this process will be supported with online/IRL events.

There is no need for a large team in the initial stage. According to my experience, I can manage this process myself for at least the first six months. While I am building the entire community myself, I can also prepare translations of documents and announcement images myself. Especially during busy periods during market bull periods, hiring one moderator for our regional community will be sufficient.

It will take one month to create all platforms and translate documents into Turkish. The next two months are the first months to start working on the growth of the community. The growth statistics of the community will be reported to the team monthly and it will take a minimum of six months for the development to become visible.

  1. Value Proposition to Push Protocol:

Türkiye is a very active and influential country in the field of blockchain. Building your project’s Turkish community will be a very logical choice for both developers, community members and those who trade your token. Our young population is interested in blockchain and will contribute to the development of your project. All we have to do to include these people in the game is to raise awareness of your project. For this reason, I aim to contribute to growth by building the community.

I will give you some information on the subject. In this way, you can more easily analyze the effects of Turkey in the blockchain field.

  • Our country is one of the world’s leading active countries in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. You can check out the current report on the subject here: https://www.chainalysis.com/blog/middle-east-north-africa-mena-cryptocurrency-adoption/
  • There are more than 100 university blockchain clubs in our country. We already have a Whatsapp group in which I am in contact with these club presidents. We are in constant contact with them for events, hackathons and announcements.
  • Devconnect, ETH Istanbul and many blockchain side events were held in our country this month. These events, where the founders and managers of many other projects, especially Vitalik, took part, were received very positively in the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Türkiye is one of the countries that sends the most traffic to Binance. Binance’s second fiat parity with the highest transaction volume after USDT parity is TRY (Turkish Lira).
  1. Funding Requested:

I request $1000 per month (in PUSH) for the construction and management of the Turkish community. As of the date and time I submitted this proposal, this amount corresponds to approximately 4500 $PUSH per month.

  • Community management: $500
  • Content production: $300
  • Up-to-date translations of documents: $200

A separate budget will be requested for potential agreements with potential KOLs.

  1. Milestones:
  • First month: Building the community from scratch and translating the documents into Turkish.
  • Second month: Announcements began to be shared with our community in Turkish simultaneously with our global accounts.
  • Third month: Creating current content and sharing it with the community. Turkish project promotional videos, infographics and articles. Continuing to share announcements.
  • Fourth month: In addition to all content, collaboration with one Turkish influencer for free. In this way, it is aimed to increase awareness by introducing our project to the Turkish community.
  • Fifth month: In addition to the work done, an interview introducing our project (and with a famous guest) was held via Twitter Spaces.
  • Sixth month: Checking where we are as Push Protocol Turkey and assessing the situation. Original content continues to be produced, global announcements are simultaneously translated into Turkish and shared with our community, and with the increasing interactions, our awareness is rising in the Turkish blockchain ecosystem.

All growth statistics will be shared with the team on a monthly basis. At the end of the sixth month, if you are satisfied that the work done is productive, we can continue working together with great pleasure. In order for your opinion to be positive about this matter, you can be sure that I will work with the same dedication and desire as on the first day, as in the projects in my resume.

  1. Wallet Address: 0x29F871649B5027552F7204C7C6a43D8d473140E1

  2. Relevant Links & Attachments: https://onursarayli.com

  3. Referral: I researched your project and liked it very much. And with great enthusiasm to build the Turkish community of this project, I opened the topic on Discord. Dear Mr. Jaf directed me here to make my proposal.


Looks very ideal especially for Turkey :tr: one of tge countries leading in blockchain tech and innovation


Thanks for your support and interest!

Thank you @OnurSarayli .
This looks very interesting. I agree with you that considering you will be running this by yourself initially this is more suitable to be treated as a Push Grant.

The grants procedure kicks off in a slightly distinct manner (Please anyway enter the formal Grant Proposal here), but I commend the transparency in your proposal. I’d like to maintain this dialogue here, allowing our community to offer feedback and comments as well.

Regarding the milestones:

  • 1st Month: which docs are you referring to?
  • 2nd & 3rd Month Month:
    • which announcements are you referring to?
    • which communities are you sharing with?
    • which global accounts?
  • 4th and 5TH month:
    • Can you share metrics from past experiences to assess the ROI for Push?

Looking forward for your responses @OnurSarayli . If approved and the execution goes well, this might be the start of another ambassador group.

I invite you again to join our weekly DAO call in discord every Wednesday to talk about your proposal with our community.

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Thanks for your kind message and support dear @MrJaf. I will be very happy to answer the questions you ask. Let’s start in order!

- Q1 / 1st Month: which docs are you referring to?

I mentioned translating the blog posts you write and share as resources into Turkish in order to explain and inform the community about your project. In addition, I aim to create a Turkish document library by translating technical documents into Turkish for developers with great pleasure.

- Q2 / 2nd & 3rd Month:
Which announcements are you referring to?
Which communities are you sharing with?
Which global accounts?

I will try to answer all three questions in a single paragraph. I will simultaneously translate every announcement made from Global Push Protocol accounts (https://twitter.com/pushprotocol & Telegram: Contact @epnsproject) into Turkish from Push Protocol Turkey Twitter & Telegram accounts and share it with Turkish community members. For this, I will create and manage Push Protocol Türkiye Twitter and Telegram accounts from scratch. Additionally, if we create a Turkey regional channel on Discord, I will continue to share these announcements in Turkish from there.

- Q3 / 4th and 5TH month:
Can you share metrics from past experiences to assess the ROI for Push?

For this one, I can offer you many analyzes for which I built the Turkish community and received grants. As an example, I am preparing and sending Twitter and Telegram statistics of Graph Protocol’s Turkish community. Currently, it is a platform where there are thousands of messages in the Telegram group and more than 1300 active users and communities are in communication. Please feel free to take a look at the metrics.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read! If you have a different question, I will be looking forward to answering it.

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Hi @OnurSarayli
Thanks again for answering these questions and using this channel for your grant proposal.

As we conclude the year, overseeing three ambassador groups (Latam, India, Africa) and refining the processes and guidelines for the smooth operation of the Globalization subDAO, we plan to reassess your proposal in the coming year.

Considering the strategic significance of Turkey, we believe adopting the Ambassador approach might be more effective in achieving a broader reach and impact in the region.

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