What June 3rd Means

For the future of comms to come to fruition, we need to progressively decentralize the Push ecosystem.

We need to walk the walk.

On June 3rd, that truly begins, with the launches of the Grants and BD subDAOs.

By Monday, all grants will be under the Push umbrella and the DAO will also, for the first time in history, assist with many aspects of BD.

As 2024 rolls on, you’ll only see more structures in the Push ecosystem become community controlled.

The true beauty of that is what comes next is up to each and every one of you, the greater Push community.

Now, more than ever, every voice and vote truly matters!

If you haven’t yet, introduce yourself here on the Forum and an existing member will help guide you on your way to contribution.

We can create a better future of comms with more equitable incentives, together!


Sounds awesome @EC3! Excited to see Push become more community-powered. Count me in!