Introduction from Kara Howard at Si3

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for hosting me on the Push DAO call today. I’m really excited to see what you have created so far - from your useful technologies, to your diverse and globally-represented team (that has been very helpful), your grant program and BizDev DAO, and potential upcoming Marketing DAO…you are on a great track to success, from my perspective. And I would love to contribute value as I can!

My background is in marketing and I worked as a Product Evangelist and then VP of Growth and Partnerships for a web2 marketing automation organization called CleverTap. We focused heavily on engagement features and push messaging. It’s super exciting and full circle to see this coming into web3 now, in a more community-centric way!

At Si3, we are focused on accelerating and unifying the women in web3 ecosystem. We will be submitting our grant proposal to Push DAO for a push chat integration into our website and our web3 website templates we offer our members (this is mine as an example: And we would love to invite Push Protocol to present at our July 10th ‘Granting Access’ virtual event with chains and protocols presenting their grant programs to a women in web3 audience.

Here’s to a lot more to come!



welcome to Push DAO @karakrysthal - it was great to have you on the governance call yesterday. you’re right about diversity and inclusion being part of our culture here at Push DAO. we have contributors from around the world and ambassador hubs across Africa, India and LATAM.

great work you have going on there at Si3. we are proud to support initiatives that seek to empower women in web3, just like our sponsorship of the Unstoppable Women of Web3 and AI Networking Brunch that held at Consensus 2024. we aim to do more of this both with Push Grants and other future programs.

we welcome more marketing and growth ideas like the ones you shared on the governance call. i personally hope to see more of you in Push DAO. once more, you’re welcome!


More than welcome to Push DAO @karakrysthal! We look forward to participating in the ‘Granting Access’ event, and all the collaboration that is to come :purple_heart:


Hey @karakrysthal, a big welcome to the Push DAO community!

We’re thrilled to see your excitement about bringing push messaging to web3 in a community-centric way. We’re particularly interested in learning more about Si3’s mission to empower women in web3.


Thank you, @christiandike. See you on this week’s Push DAO call!


Hi @NooberBoy - this means a lot, thank you! I really appreciated your help this weekend in our TG chat around features, etc. You all at Push are really demonstrating your commitment to the product - I hope you take vacay’s, too :slight_smile: Let’s Push for a team retreat in my neck of the woods (Mexico!) at some point as Push keeps scaling :wink:


Thank you so much, @Carlaupgrade. We would love to have a woman from Push DAO that is involved in the grants process speak at our event. Love to see the women represented at Push :heart_eyes: