PGP Proposal: Web3 Quora for Women Founders

Project Name

Women in Web3: Founders Forum


About Me

gm! My name is Maricris Bonzo and I’m the Founder and Head of Community at Women in Web3.

• 3+ years of Community Building
• 4+ years of Developer Advocacy
• 6+ years of Full-Stack Software Engineering

I helped build a non-profit called GarageScript back in 2017 that taught and paid people to code and helped them land jobs. I later went on to start a Youtube channel where I taught people how to code in Vim, how to learn JavaScript and how to integrate with cool APIs that I found on Hacker News.

With my artistic and techie background, I soon became a Developer Advocate for various companies. I built and deployed lots of full-fledged sample apps with supporting blogs, video tutorials or conf. talks to guide other devs on how to build them.

As you can see, I’m what you can call a Multi-Passionate Creative. I love to code, create content and build communities. Now I’m obsessed with building meaningful communities, DAOs, and experiences for underrepresented folks.

Project TL;DR

As an underrepresented woman founder in web3, I desire insights from other women who share a similar background and struggles. This is why I’m building the web3 Quora for women founders - the Women in Web3 Founders Forum. A forum where those who identify as a woman can feel safe asking any questions they have about being a founder in web3.

Proposal Category

  • DAO
  • DeSoc

Project Overview

This project aims to build an MVP of the WiW3 Founders Forum:

  1. User A creates an account
  2. User A sees a feed of unanswered questions
  3. User A answers a question
  4. User B resonates with User A’s answer
  5. User B upvotes User A’s answer
  6. User A receives a token reward
  7. After accruing n token rewards, User A earns a Proof of Wisdom credential

Because this is an incomplete ETHSF Hackathon project, I’ve already identified the project’s tech stack:

  • Front-end: Next.js x TypeScript x Tailwind
  • Identity: Lens Profile
  • Query user data: The Graph
  • Upvote/token reward answers: Lens Collect
  • Issue Proof of Wisdom: Lens x Polygon ID
  • Ask/answer anonymously: Polygon ID
  • Notifications of QA: Push

Estimated timeline: 3 months

  • December, 2022: complete frontend
  • January, 2023: complete backend
  • February, 2023: launch the project

I will be working on this project alone. The only costs are my engineering hours.

Value Proposition to Push Protocol

What are the benefits to the Push Protocol community for investing in this proposal?*

  • The community would be supporting Women in Web3, women founders who will find value in the forum, and me (an underrepresented woman founder & engineer in web3); which can inspire more women to join and contribute to the ecosystem.
  • Once the project is complete, I’m happy to open-source the code so that others can spin up a forum for their own community.
  • The community gets first supporter rights of the very first web3 Quora.

Funding Requested

85,714 $PUSH @ $0.28 (or $24K)


  • Dec. 16th: frontend skeleton of dapp (including auth & profile)
  • Dec. 30th: ask anonymously & see feed of Qs
  • Jan. 13th: answer anonymously & upvote/token reward answer
  • Jan. 27th: issue Proof of Wisdom credential
  • Feb. 10th: soft launch to women founder communities
  • Feb. 24th: public launch on Product Hunt

ETH Wallet Address


Relevant Links & Attachments


Jun Gong

Thank you very much for submitting your Grant @seemcat .
Really promising platform.

For the community to be able to properly measure the progress of the project and the Grant, it’s usually recommended to be more detailed on the milestones goals.

  • What are the goals per milestone
  • Whats the timeline for completion of the milestone.

A few other questions/comments I have:

  • Are you thinking on integrating Push Chat as well?
  • For this initial release, are you planning on implementing Push Notifications as the only communication mechanism? Or are you also planing to include email, and other platforms?
    • If you are planning to deliver communication to other more traditional platforms: which platforms are you thinking about? And are you planning to do so through SNS?
  • Attaching other quantifiable goals to the milestones also help the community to better understand the ROI of the Grant.
    • It’s important to think on how you are going to put this product in front of more and more people?
    • Breaking this into multiple Grants is also an alternative to build and scale your project, and might give more flexibility for us to help in your journey.

Happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Hi there Jaf!

TYSM for taking the time to review my proposal and providing a detailed feedback.

Also, thank you for your patience on my response. I’ve been busy with a WOMEN IN WEB3 launch (which happened today!)

I’ll make sure to provide a more info for each of the the milestone goals and will get back to you on your Qs sometime today.

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Hi again Jeff. Because I have a lot of commitments/projects for WOMEN IN WEB3 for the rest of the year, I’m going to put this proposal on pause. Is it possible to resubmit this proposal (with the the feedback applied) sometimes early next year?

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