PUSH Weekly Governance Call Recap Thread

Governance Call - 5th June 2024

Do you know how important this week was for Push DAO?
If you’ve been closely following our announcements, you would know that this was a week of highly anticipated launches.
Join us as we recap what happened in our latest governance call :arrow_down:

DAO Council Updates :purple_heart:
The Business Development and Grant Programs are officially live on the Push DAO Charmverse.
We managed to hit 70% of the KPIs we set out to achieve in May.
We will double down our efforts on the KPIs we did not manage to hit in June.
We published our very first Push DAO blog post on Monday. The inaugural post is called DAOifying Comms, and we will be posting more frequently on the blog.
The Push DAO calendar is also ready, we will share it with everyone next week.

Push DAO Council KPIs for June 2024 :chart_with_upwards_trend:

  • Secure 3 Partnerships
  • Publish 2 0p/Eds
  • Publish 3 Blog Posts
  • Publish 2nd Issue of the DAO Newsletter
  • Source 1 Lead who may integrate with Push Protocol
  • Create 5 new discussions/topics on the Push Governance Forum
  • Hold 2 more snapshot votes (½)
  • Increase voter participation from an average of 7 to 8
  • Source 3 grantees for the Push Grants Program
  • Grow Social following on Twitter by 10% (704 End of May)

Push Grants Program + BD subDAO :chains:
The Push Grants Program and the BD subDAO are now both live and accepting applicants. The announcements have been slightly delayed but anyone can apply on our Charmverse.

The Grants program currently covers social dApps, gaming dapps, mobile dapps, community initiatives, DAOs, DeFi protocols, education and publications/news. We particularly prioritize compelling social dapps, gaming dapps, mobile dapps, and female and diverse founders.

Forum Outlook :mailbox_with_no_mail:
[Discussion] Push DAO Onboarding Program
This proposal seeks to establish an onboarding program for new members of Push DAO with the aim of turning them into active contributors as quickly as possible.

Pre-PIP #2: Reactions
The Push Foundation implemented support for reacting to messages in the Push Chat dapp. Chat and reactions go hand in hand.
Allowing users to participate in a chat discussion without having to type a reply.

Introductions - Kara Howard
Kara joined us last week on the Governance Call and gave us a formal introduction to her collective called Si3.

Push Channel of the Week :trophy:
Our Channel of the Week is :drum: Price Tracker :partying_face:

The Price Tracker tracks the highs and lows of major cryptos like BTC, ETH, SOL, MATIC, etc, and tokens like $LINK and $PUSH so you don’t have to.
Get customized price action updates on major cryptos and tokens straight to your wallet.

You can customize your notification preferences by setting ranges for:

  • Token Price Range Threshold in %
  • Price alert notification frequency

Push Alpha Access NFT Holders :flower_playing_cards:
The Gates to Push Alpha Community Chat are officially open!
The Push Alpha Access Community is our base-camp to announce exciting Drop Updates, privileged early feature try-outs, and early news on upcoming contests.
To unlock the doors of the Push Alpha Community, you’ll need one key - the coveted Push Alpha Access NFT.

The NFTs were awarded to the winners of various campaigns, including:

  • Communicate with Galxe Campaign (currently active)
  • Decentralize with Push
  • Other partnered campaigns.

Community Highlights :star:
Two members of the DAO COuncil appeared on a Twitter Spaces with Dexe Network this week. The topic was Solving DAO sustainability.
Also we had an X Space with the Push Africa
Ambassador Hub
. All DAO Council members were present and speaking about the new Push DAO Programs.
Our first Push DAO Verse blog post is live on Mirror, so please go and subscribe to receive the latest Push DAO content when it drops. You can also collect each post as an NFT.

In the Q&A session, we answered a question from @GozmanGonzalez4 about how to join the ambassador program in Africa. We explained that the ambassador program is also undergoing changes; all ambassador hubs will operate in 3-month seasons and will open positions based on their needs. However, there are many opportunities to contribute to Push DAO today, and the most optimal path is to start as a contributor in the DAO and then scale to an ambassador.

Thank you for making it this far. If you’re interested in starting your journey as a contributor, now is the time. See you in the next call :bell::purple_heart: