Why this forum is inactive?


I’ve been here from few days and closing monitoring the activity here, I’m very sad to see that this forum is inactive and no quality discussions happen here. Let me know if you guys need help here

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Hi @ihsotas !
While is true that the forum has been a little quiet, there are several great discussions happening in our other channels: twitter, telegram, discord.

The forum - being more oriented towards governance - tends to be more quiet from time to time, however that doesn’t mean great things don’t happen here :slight_smile:

Just this month in the forum these topics were discussed:

  • The extension of the Liquidity Rewards Program
  • The DAO approved the creation of the Bug Bounty Program
  • Rockstars of Push is always fun to follow here

Got any ideas?
Would love to hear them!

This forum should be more than Bug bounties, and Liquidity rewards programs. For example, makerdao is transitioning to complete decentralized governance and I’ve been following them since day 1, it’s very hard to make the current community who vibe over discord and twitter to come here. But I would suggest keeping the hooks and strings attached at least with a few things like grants where the info should be public and transparent on the grants being dispersed and also weely governance calls to keep the forum running.

Good points.
Just yesterday we discussed this during Office hours with some people interested in playing a more active role in DAO Governance.

Weekly (or bi-weekly) Governance calls are coming soon.
Regarding the other things you mention, I agree and we will be making adjustments as we go making progress and delegating more processes to the DAO.

For now our main focus in building community, defining whos our community, and building a clear onboarding (and exit procedures) for contributors.

Would be awesome to have you in one of our Office hours to talk further!

Cool, where can I get the details of office hours?

happens every Monday and Thursday at 4.30PM UTC
in the Voice channel in Push Discord

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