Africa Integrate Push Campaign


The objective of this initiative is to bring together developers in Africa to learn about Push (the protocol, the use cases, how to connect and integrate it) and integrate Push into new and existing product/project.

This campaign is also expected to get ambassadors to learn about various use cases of Push as we can presently observe that many ambassadors only understand abstract concepts about Push because they have either not used or fully used projects integrated with Push. Therefore, seeing the projects, learning and using them will increase the effectiveness of the ambassador campaign.

Additionally, the campaign will be a preparation ground for developers in case we decide to sponsor hackathons in Africa in Q3 and will also help spotlight the Push grant program for projects within Africa to apply.

This campaign will be implemented by Push Africa Ambassadors

Target audience

This campaign will target developers who will be open to building new solutions and integrate Push and developers or product owners with existing products/project that can implement Push

Key Performance Indicators

  1. Minimum of one hundred (100) developers across four (4) Africa countries
  2. Minimum of fifteen (15) product integration
  3. Increase technical contribution and discussion in the Africa channel

Operational plans and timeline


July 15th - 26th - Opening registration and partnering with developer communities

July 28th - August 2nd - Participant onboarding to channel

August 5th - 9th - A week long workshop for participants to get them to understand Push protocol and possible use cases

August 12th to 30th - Development and integration

Physical meetup in seven (5) locations in three (3) countries (Nigeria (3), Ghana (1), Kenya (1) within the program timeline

Partnering communities

  • Nigeria University blockchain clubs
  • Builder’s connect
  • Gida blockchain
  • Memoi Africa Kenya
  • Defi Africa Ghana

Modalities of Workshop and campaign

Workshop/meetup will be held both in person while the implementation campaign will be

Budget and Bounty plan

Total Budget: $8000


Meetup - $2500

Deployment bounty - $5500 payable by the DAO to winners after the campaign


Hey @ebunayo, since this is a relatively new initiative, I would suggest focusing on just one country for now, and we can judge the results of the pilot program to see if there is value in adding more countries in the future.

Also, can you please format your proposal using the template highlighted here.

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@ebunayo Currently, events and one-time event proposals (either recurring one 1 time events), need to go through the grants process. Through the new process, as mentioned, all Push grants are now fully under the DAO.

As an added point, after review, it also doesn’t track in terms of feasibility. Speaking from my experience helping to organize events in the industry for years, it seems like too short of a timeline from the initial sending of the proposal and that key details are missing.

Also country to country coordination like that and pulling off multiple hackathons and related things does take months of pre-planning. Typically 3-4 ahead of the start time, at least.

It is a good idea, on principle, but it doesn’t seem feasible at this time. Again, this is speaking from the perspective of whether it can be executed in the time allowed and whether it will result in the needed KPIs which, for example, for a grant like this, would involve converting 50% or more of the developers involved into long-term participants in the Push ecosystem.


This is my take and I’d be happy to hear everyone else’s.


GM guys! I see a lot of value here, but @ebunayo needs to clarify more about these events. What are hackathons like to sponsors?
Do these devs are all web3 devs? What’s the amount to “convert” / involve them in the developers to use Push for their projects?


I have experience doing and participating in web3 events and I see a lot of problems with doing tons of events in this short period.

My last, this proposal needs to live on the Push Grants Program and use the Governance Forum only to do the Temperature Check with the community.

Thanks for this discussion, this has a lot of value in building the process and the rules for these channels. :smiley:


Remember the different things We like to founding:

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This is considered, to clarify, a Misc Grant, because events were not an official for the first season of grants under the DAO. That means it requires a different process, which will be announced soon.

Education is listed on Charmverse but was not announced formally via the voted. So it is a broad misc category requiring further approval.


It has been suggested that the proposal should be presented using the detailed template found here.

Regarding the points raised, and given that this is the first proposal without indications of the number of real participants, engagement, and the number of projects built, I support treating this proposal as a Grant. I believe it could fall under the category of a mini-grant, focusing on a single country, reducing the number of participants, and simplifying the event logistics.

Other points to consider:

  • The training of ambassadors should not rely solely on participation in such events, as virtual or low-cost workshops could be considered if developers wish to serve as facilitators. Not all ambassadors are developers or need to have an interest in development topics.

  • To maintain participant commitment, I recommend keeping a detailed leaderboard tracking attendance, participation, and significant contributions from each participant, with recognition given to top participants.

  • A hybrid class format may work better to expand the program’s reach.

  • It is ideal to include in the template and proposed modifications the program content and the duration of each session.

  • Rewards should be considered for future events after the African community has been motivated to integrate Push solutions over time and in a sustainable manner. Rewards should be aligned with local events, focusing on the KPIs.


To be more specific rewards should focus on the unified ecosystem KPIs, which in summary, center on: developers and development teams brought on who begin to build on Push, grantees brought into the Push ecosystem, integrations brought to the Push ecosystem, and contributors brought to Push DAO.