Push africa june report

Goal: June focused on increasing the presence and reach of Push in Africa with social media engagements and spaces


  1. Ambassador social media engagements (X/Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  2. Push explainer articles (Technical and Non-Technical)
  3. Infographic
  4. Introduction of Let’s talk Push bi-weekly space
  5. IRL event
  6. Internal calls with ambassadors and council

June Expected KPIs

  • Reddit and Discord
  • Bi-weekly community session
  • 2 IRL event speaking engagement
  • Medium/LinkedIn/Tweet
  • 2 Dev workshop


  • 6 Medium posts
  • 3 LInkedin Posts
  • Two X (Twitter) space with over 300 participants in attendance.
  • 3 Infographic design
  • 37,812 cumulative tweet impressions
  • 38 Discord, 67 4chan soft shill board

Medium Posts

  1. Push Protocol Updates: Partnerships and Arbitrum Mainnet Launch

  2. Push Grants v3 — A look into the new Push Grants Program

  3. Why Push Protocol is Revolutionizing DeFi Communication: A Case Study of Secure Finance

  4. Push Protocol Partners with Vurse to Revolutionize User Interaction.

  5. Introducing the Push Alpha Access Pass by PushProtocol.

  6. Introducing Staking Mechanism that requires Push.

LinkedIn Posts

X spaces

IRL Event

Our Ambassador in Ghana spoke at a Campus Tour - push protocol - Google Drive

July Expected KPIs

  • Reddit and Discord
  • Bi-weekly community session
  • 2 IRL event speaking engagement
  • Medium/LinkedIn/Tweet
  • Dev workshops
  • Push DAO participation
  • July council call
  • Creation of the Africa Push channel

Push Usernames

  • Saviorjay
  • Marylonia
  • Scar-Face
  • EloraOreva
  • Eyedoll
  • Imabasi
  • Demantle
  • Job
  • Ogidicrypt
  • Shidi
  • Leogold
  • Makkk
  • Ebunayo
  • Pablo
  • iamadeshoular

Thank you for sharing this great report @ebunayo. Congratulations on the enthusiasm of each ambassador and the achievements this month.

Initially, I would like to remind the Africa ambassador hub of the importance of introducing themselves on the forum. Even though we have had follow-up calls with you, presenting yourselves to the community will give us an idea of your skills and allow us to better recognize your contributions.

In addition to this, I share some suggestions/changes that I think we can still incorporate into this report:

  1. Add the individual report links to the usernames of each ambassador.
  2. The strategy mentions a Facebook account. Could you clarify how this account is being used and what type of content is shared on it?
  3. Please include what type of content was used to create infographics and through which accounts they were shared.
  4. For future Medium posts, I recommend standardizing the editorial guidelines regarding the number of words per article. Ideally, the word count should be between 600-1200 words per article, never below that range. It might be beneficial to select an editorial council or ambassadors responsible for maintaining aspects such as punctuation, number of words per article, style, etc.
  5. It’s necessary to cite articles that are taken verbatim from the Push DAO or Push Protocol blog. Plagiarism will not be allowed moving forward. Sharing content created by other authors is permitted as long as original links to the base sites (Push DAO blog or Push Protocol blog) are used.
  6. Could you clarify what “38 Discord” refers to as a metric? Does it refer to users or messages?
  7. Could you share some key metrics from the IRL event in Ghana: the approximate number of participants, topics discussed about Push Protocol, and any notable achievements?

The DAO Council reiterates the invitation to all ambassadors to participate in the DAO’s events: governance calls, Demo Thursdays, Office Hours, X Spaces, and voting. Your opinions matter, and the philosophy of building in public becomes more meaningful with your involvement.

We will continue to grow, now with even greater progressive decentralization.


Thanks for the feedback @Carlaupgrade.

  1. The reporting style used for the Africa Ambassador team have people working in groups, however internally we are breaking it down so that individual reports can be added going forward. However, I might be an advocate of having regional team submitting a general comprehensive report as against having individual reports especially in cases where some individuals play roles that each region consider critical but might look insignificant to the DAO.
  2. Presently we have not started doing anything with Facebook because we are focused on growing the regions Twitter account
  3. The designs/infographics include the ones used for the bi-weekly calls and the ones done to be shared on the African handle Graphics push - Google Drive
  4. The feedback was shared internally and the ambassador group is being sub-divided into groups going forward
  5. 38 discord in context of the report refers to messages
  6. The event had one hundred and eighty six (186) attendees, the topic discussed was “What is push protocol and some opportunities you can get in building on push” (A focus on grant opportunities). It was an avenue to introduce Push protocol to the students.

This process will be concluded by Monday and the payment for June will be initiated Tuesday, July 9th.