EPNS PUSH Delegatee Nominations (Archived)

What are PUSH Nominees?

A key part of our decentralization is making sure the community feels empowered. PUSH Nominees are active community members who strongly align with our mission to build a protocol for blockchain-based notifications that are platform agnostic and incentivized, and have shown time and time again their willingness to take a role in the EPNS ecosystem.
PUSH Nominees will allow EPNS to accelerate our decentralization, eventually turning all governance over to the community.

PUSH Holders can choose to delegate their voting rights to any PUSH Nominee whose thoughts are well represented with theirs.

Nomination Template

  • ETH Address:
  • Twitter id:
  • Telegram id (optional):
  • Discord id (optional):
  • Values & reasons for joining:
  • Web3 Qualifications/Skills:

Criteria to add your profile on EPNS- PUSH Governance Website

  • Your nomination must receive a minimum of 10 likes

Once your nomination meets the above criteria, your profile will be added to EPNS-PUSH Governance website within 5-7 days (launching soon!). Later the community members can start delegating votes to you.

UPDATE [29-09-2021]

Criteria to add your profile on EPNS- PUSH Governance Website

  • Your nomination must receive a minimum of 10 likes

Once your nomination meets the above criteria, your profile gets added to EPNS-PUSH Governance website (https://incentives.epns.io/) and community members can start delegating voting power to you.

Note: EPNS-PUSH Governance website is updated only at mid & end of the month


Hi everyone, I’m @auryn_macmillan

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:
I would like to become a PUSHer because I believe EPNS is a critical piece of infrastructure for the Ethereum community and I would like to help ensure it flourishes.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I Have :
I have been part of the Ethereum space since genesis, have been working with and helping to build DAOs since 2016, am currently building DAO tools with Gnosis, and also building clr.fund in my spare time (a quadratic funding protocol that has been funded partially via Gitcoin grants).

I am a product manager, solidity dev, community builder, public speaker, and a dad :smiley:

ETH Address


Hi there, Luka here @beler

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:

I would also like to become a PUSHER, i have been fascinated by EPNS since the moment I heared about it. It resonated with me mainly due to Richa and Harsh and their personality, but also the fact that i started my career during the mobile era and I witnessed how critical push notifications can be for an thriving ecosystem. I believe EPNS will play a crucial role in the years to come and I would love to be there to help.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I Have :

I have been an early crypto adopter and i went trough the usual - mine - buy - trade - loose - hodl - build cycle. I have been a builder my whole life and it just continued in web3. I used to run a blockchain focused startup accelerator, ran many community and educational initiatives and in the process helped build many web 3 startups. I’m a product (PM) oriented person but have a very diverse experience troughout my career so I feel comfortable wearing many hats (bizdev, partnership, PM, education, evangelisation, strategy…)

ETH Address

  • defidad.eth
  • Put simply, I think the future of web3/DeFi is the only chance we have to make for a more equal society and fix the broken legacy system of finance and opportunity. I have been a super-user of all DeFi and other apps on Ethereum, and now other similar web3-focused communities. One missing piece of the landscape has been on-chain messaging. EPNS represents a chance to improve engagement with our communities coordinating on-chain, and in the future in the Metaverse. I’ve been a supportive community member, eventually advisor, and now investor in EPNS since spring / early summer 2020. Basically, I’m ride or die EPNS.
  • Since 2017, I’ve dedicated myself to the Ethereum community, including full time work at ConsenSys 2018-2020, interfacing with teams like MetaMask and Gitcoin. I’ve been a public vocal user of DeFi since summer of 2019, including a YouTube channel now with over 26,000 subscribers. I worked from summer 2020 to summer 2021 at Zapper in community/operations/marketing. And more recently, I joined a fund (fourthrevolution.capital) investing full time and supporting teams building the next great protocol in DeFi, NFTs, and Web3, including EPNS. I actually brought EPNS to the 4RC team who invested in them a year ago. I think I talk about EPNS to a DeFi founder almost daily :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, I’m Anton and I would love to become a delegate.

ETH Address

My Values & Reason for Joining:
Being a DeFi founder, I understand how critical this step is. Governance is hard and tough. When things go up, everyone is happy. What differs is how you keep building all other time. My motivation is simple: I believe in Mover and EPNS, I believe that I can help make right decision in the tough times, and I would love to see EPNS succeed, as what you guys are doing here is needed in the space.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills :
I’ve been in crypto since 2016, and in DeFi since 2019. I’m a co-Founder of Mover - a DeFi savings account, DeFi native, and a member of numerous DAOs. With 800+ degen score I’m not sure if I should be happy about my Web3 Qualifications or not. But, being an engineer and an active community member I believe that my skills in running a DeFi project should help EPNS stay inline with both the community and the goals.


Hi everyone, OpenLeverage would love to become a delegate.

My Values & Reason for Joining:
OpenLeverage is a permissionless margin trading protocol, which enables traders to long or short any trading pair on DEXs efficiently and securely. Our value is to increase liquidity for any currency on DEX, and create a decentralized, permissionless, scalable, secure leverage trading facility that serves the long tail and fast-growing DeFi market.

In our transaction process, it is a significant proposition to provide users with prompt push notifications. We hope to achieve a better interaction between users and our protocol and obtain the best user experience. We hope to cooperate with EPNS to make on-chain push available for our users. We admire what EPNS has achieved in DeFi. This cooperation will be a win-win.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills :
Since its establishment, the OpenLeverage team has received $1.8 million in seed round financing led by Signum and LD Capital. There are currently nearly 10,000 independent addresses on our test-net, with more than 50,000 transactions in total by far. We have a community of more than 7,000 people.

At present, there is still a missing of a genuinely permissionless margin trading protocol in the DeFi world. Whether an exchange or the existing DEX, they all have centralized, limited trading pairs, insufficient depth, etc. The emergence of OpenLeverage.finance is to make DeFi’s world has more possibilities.


I don’t have an ens address so plain eth address :- 0x4498e30066c3188eA5B8908780A7A576e21f3eE3
Twitter id :@imvijaygir (username for all my social medias)

Values and reasons for joining:- I am in deep love with crypto since I have known it. I got lucky in 2017 that I learnt about crypto from a friend and since then dedicated my time in learning more and more about it and sharing the acquired knowledge with people. The idea of decentralized notification system amazes me & I don’t want to leave any chance of learning and helping people to know about crypto. Being an Indian I am close to all the Indian crypto projects and the vision of EPNS grabbed my special attention, so I started teaching people about it online as well as offline.

Web3 Qualifications/Skills: I am not a developer but I don’t see any thing to stop me from applying to be a part of team. My mission is to educate Indian crypto community and show them the path towards crypto ecosystem to lead them to future no matter what.
I am a YouTuber, all the crypto YouTubers(Indians) talk about price predictions, no one talks about vision of project,their indepth plans which should be the actual goal, price predictions do not spread awareness & knowledge. I am here to take EPNS to the Hindi crypto community & help them move forward.

  • ETH Address: 0x73eEf70d9B803f0066a1569393d6299369fA3C87

  • Twitter id (optional): @robin_rrtx

  • Telegram id (optional): @RobinRRT

  • Discord id (optional): @RobinRRT#0840

  • Values & reasons for joining: EPNS is undoubtedly one of the key infrastructures that will propel Web3 to mainstream adoption and improved user experience. I believe that decentralized tech is here to stay, and EPNS makes things much easier for users, by allowing them to receive real-time updates for on-chain events and more. It improves, retention, engagement, and coordination among Web3 communities, services, and protocols, and provides a win-win situation for both users and protocols.

Having been one of the early members of the EPNS team (as a Content Writer), I have worked with Harsh, Richa, and Jaf closely since early mid-2020. I resonated with EPNS’s vision since its early days and was able to think of endless possibilities and use-cases that could be possible with EPNS, and hence I believe can represent the vision that EPNS has had from its beginning - to become the decentralized communication layer for the open decentralized web aka web3.

  • Web3 Qualifications/Skills: I have had my fair share of experience in the Web3 space. I started off with contributing and volunteering to IEEE’s P2145 Blockchain Governance Standards Working Group as one of the core members to define lexical standards for Blockchain Governance. I later joined EPNS as a Content Writer up to this day. I have been also involved in building a Web3 protocol for NFT collateralization, and also was a Gitcoin KERNEL Block 3 Fellow. I’ve worked with amazing individuals in the space, and recently joined Polygon (prev. MATIC network) as Developer Community Associate - a role the most definitely involves community building, one of the most important aspects in web3.
    In addition to this, I’ve been actively educating and taking part in activities within multiple crypto communities and groups that emphasize blockchain and web3 education.

Hi everyone, Jaf here! :grinning:

ETH Address

Values & reasons for joining:
Having been with EPNS since the beginning has given me a vast understanding of the challenges and opportunities in front of us, and how to make the best of it!

I live and breathe EPNS and understand the power and flexibility that EPNS Notifications are bringing to the crypto space. After having met with several different teams & protocols for implementations, and actively being involved with the community - I have developed a clear vision that I hope to put in service of EPNS Governance to achieve our goals.

Web3 Qualifications/Skills:
I’ve been in crypto for 4 years now. Mostly in the Project/Product management and Bizdev side of things. Bridging the needs between users, business, and technology. I offer a mix of hands-on and leadership abilities as a problem solver, team player, and builder of teams.
Always learning, always experimenting, always a student!


Hi I’m @Rayomand14
Also known as RAY

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:- I’ve been supporting EPNS since it’s pre IDO stages , I usually don’t spend my time chatting with the community I invest in ,but EPNS was a little different ,why? 1)The founders respond to all your emails ,I’ve been in this space for a while ,seeing this is extremely rare .
2)The beautiful Rockstar competitions where artists from all over the world and content creators get a chance to portray their talent and receive a life changing sum in return ,when was the last time you saw a project giving away ($12,000±) to its community every week.
3)Finally the community , Apart from the occasional “When push pump” , I see the telegram chat really active ,the admins answer each of your questions ,when someone criticises them they don’t kick you from the group instead they forward your suggestions to the team .
To conclude , very rarely do you get such wonderful founders who are super down to earth , chill and extremely focused to deliver on the time ,this was my biggest intention/reason for joining .

What web3 qualifications/skills I have - Does a professional NFT flipper count ? Haha, I’m 18 I’m still in college so I have a lot to learn yet but I do possess a lot of knowledge about ethereum, Bitcoin and other web3 startup’s. I have experience in solidity and JavaScript ,I can audit smart contracts and my biggest skill I have is that I can express a complex idea in a simple meme:)

My eth address : 0x8edF4866E26bb82d288845bF55f15370bb4e6027


$push adress --. 0xcCD16676824Afa7806cCb4566F7c0d87907f7Fff

Eth adress

Telegram I’d —@joehere112

Why I join push community??
EPNS is a notification protocol at its heart. We see notifications as the means to communicate information which can be of different types, carry different utilities and perform different tasks as per their use cases. To enable this, we assign each notification payload a payload type that defines certain characteristics of both the data they carry and the medium of storage. Besides the flexibility of notification payload, we also see the rules established between channels and their subscribers to also have an impact on their utility and use cases.

Keeping in mind with the above analogies, the following specifications are rolled out to ensure that the specifications and the payload determine the use case of the notification rather than treating them as plain standard ones.

Some of the use cases we see opening up by this approach are:

To allow users to receive notifications with different content type (images, call to actions, videos, etc.).
To allow future content or payload to be different and be interpreted differently.
Makes interpreting payload storage flexible as changing payload type can indicate the storage medium (on-chain, IPFS, other storage solutions).
To allow service to create channel that any user can subscribe to.
To allow channels to approve users as subscribers and create business cases around them.
To allow channel and users to approve each other before information is shared between them.

Web 3 qualifications
Bachelor’s degree in Web development or related field, or relevant experience.
Solid knowledge and experience in programming applications.
Proficient in JavaScript, HTML, CSS.
Proficient in My SQL.
Dedicated team player.
Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment.
Solid ability in both written and verbal communication.
Knowledge of programming language and technical terminology.
Able to develop ideas and processes and clearly express them.
High degree of independent judgment.
Able to solve complex problems.


i everyone, I’m @MrsMoo

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:

Well simply put I love EPNS & I would like to become a PUSHer as it is the sleeping giant & a missing piece of our ecosystem

I would love to help the community in any way possible & to make sure it succeeds

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I Have :

I am a house wife & $PUSH was the first project i start learning & fell in love with , I don’t have much Web3 qualifications but i have been part of the community since IDO days & have been helping the community 24/7

My twitter is full of EPNS educational material , I have created countless original Meme’s , Promo Videos & Gif’s which are adopted by community

I like to help others in every way possible

ETH Address



I am giving my vote to Vijaygir

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Hi everyone, Aiswarya here!

ETH Address

Twitter id

Values & reasons for joining

As one of the early members to join EPNS and having been worked closely with the core team, I have got a clear sense of the milestones which we need to achieve to reach the end goal. I strongly believe in EPNS’ vision to be the de facto communication layer for web3. I look forward to being a part of PUSH Governance that helps in making decisions to improve and drive the protocol towards its vision.

Web3 Qualifications/Skills

At present, I’m a Blockchain Engineer at EPNS. I have been working with the EPNS team for a year now and it has been an awesome journey so far.

I decided to commit full-time in Blockchain around 2 yrs back. My contribution in the Web3 space started with hackathons and was fortunate to be a part of couple of interesting projects that won prizes. I am also a part of the amazing Gitcoin Kernel Community through my participation during Kernel Block 3. Always learning and up-skilling to contribute more!


Hello Guys , Mehdi Here!

ETH Address: mehdia.eth
Twitter Id: @mehdiag0

Values & reasons for joining

Ive been around Crypto for almost two years now and since i came to DeFi world i started to connect the dots and solving puzzles and finding missing parts… one of them that i loved it was EPNS… I have no Tech talent to be honest but im good at marketing and community management … So i can be a good voice for the community and the project.


Hi, I’m Vamoose!

ETH Address 0xeB901cFD3b214247a460861F65502E7332c8aF06

Twitter id learn4life6

Values & reasons for joining

I’ve been following EPNS since the beginning of the year and I am very happy to be part of the EPNS team as a developer. Being part of EPNS has been one of the greatest experiences I’ve had!

EPNS is the an essential protocol that will create a more direct relationship between users and dapps. It will give power back to users on what notifications they want to receive and it will completely change the way users interact with the Web3.

Web3 Qualifications/Skills

I’ve been working in crypto for almost 3 years as a Software Engineer and now I’m working as a developer at EPNS. I’ve been creating integrations with Crypto Exchanges, OTCs, digital asset custody platforms and DeFi protocols.

Last year I started going deeper into DeFi and started building my own DeFi strategies. It has been a fun journey and I’m very excited to see where crypto will be in 10 years!


Hi everyone, I am Alexander , and I would love to become a delegate.

ETH Address

My Values & Reason for Joining:
I am been a huge advocate of the concept of decentralisation, democracy and inclusion which are the core principles which cryptocurrencies and Blockchains aim to solve. I am a developer at EPNS, and i strongly believe in their use case and core principles. so i believe this gives me a key insight to multiple perspectives and would thus be able to make appropriate use of delegated voting power for the best of the community.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills :
I currently work specifically in creating abstractions around the methods exposed by smart contracts, i am also capable of developing an end-to-end decentralised applications.

  • ETH Address : 0x554d29160f779Adf0a4328597cD33Ea1Df4D9Ee9

  • Twitter id: @Zaryab84339098

  • Telegram ID : @zaryab2000

  • Value and Reasons for joining:
    I firmly believe in the fact that EPNS has been trying to build one of the most imperative tools for the web3 world. Since its inception, I have been extremely interested in the project and its mission to create the first communication layer for Web3. I joined the EPNS team quite a few months back to contribute my part to it as a Smart Contract Engineer and design the protocol for EPNS. And now I would love to be a part of PUSH Governance and contribute as much as I can in making better decisions for the project, moving forward.

  • Web3 Qualifications and Skills
    I started out 2 years ago as a Smart Contract developer building and designing contract architecture for quite a few projects, mostly on Ethereum.
    However, I was also quite interested in Smart Contract security since I joined Kernel’s security track and started out my journey as a Smart Contract Security Auditor in quite a few firms in India.
    As of now, most of my time goes into Smart Contract development, security audits as well as creating technical content for Smart contract developers and blockchain security enthusiasts.


Hey everyone, I am Ashis. :pray:

ETH Address :0x5913760160d245d0C9A05a8a956012694281bEE3

Twitter id: @AshisKu88733868

Telegram ID: @akz00001

Value and Reasons for joining:
I have been following EPNS at an early stage. I strongly believe as well as have witnessed the value EPNS is adding to the Web3 community by building a decentralized notification service. I joined the team a few months as a developer. Now, I would love to be part of EPNS Governance and contribute to effective decision-making for the project.

Web3 Qualifications and Skills
I have been involved in the blockchain space for the past 2 years. I have worked as a consultant to a blockchain firm as well as a full-stack developer. I take part in hackathons to expand my blockchain knowledge and have won bounties in some of them. To educate the mass about web3 space, I occasionally write articles.