Happ3n Proposal: SocialFi & Marketing ⚡️

Push Grant Program Application

Project: Happ3n XYZ
Email address: happ3nxyz@gmail.com

About Happ3n Team

Camila Barrera @sohobiit
Co-Founder & Growth @happ3nxyz

Art Director since 2014 • Web3 Growth • Visual Artist & NFT Strategist • Content Creator • 2D & 3D Video Game Artist • Senior Social Media.

Naya Parrsal @nayamoshi
Co-Founder & PO @happ3nxyz

Creative Director | Project Manager | Storyteller | UX/UI | Product designer strategist.

Sebastián Guaqueta @scguaquetam
Push Ambassador and Happ3n Collaborator

Full Stack Developer & Web3 enthusiast

Project TL:DR;

Happ3n was born as an idea in the last Q4 2022 in April 2023 we began the journey and 7th September 2023 we made this idea reality.
Happ3n brings with two clear objectives: to increase the visibility of individuals/communities in their events and to provide the Spanish-speaking community with a place where they can share these events in an organized manner and in the same place. At the heart of Happ3n is a resolution that is fundamental in Web3: the lack of knowledge about ongoing events and the desire to invite people to join this pool of opportunity without any entry point is a true chaos. In the vast digital ecosystem, relevant events get lost among scattered channels such as Twitter, Discord, Zoom, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Clubhouse, to name a few. Happ3n emerges as the solution, creating a safe and organized space for the Spanish-speaking community to effectively share events.

At the same time, many people who have come to Happ3n find this polished gem that we are bringing to the ecosystem, where their communities can know all their events and event creators can have metrics; we know it’s a win-win. We have also faced some barriers to the adoption of Happ3n, as we have had to onboard communities one by one so that each node uploads information about its event.

We are a team of Latina women CEOs who are looking to expand entry into Web3 in a friendly way and through events that resonate with each person.

Proposal Category

SocialFi (SoFi) & Marketing

Project Overview
Happ3n was born in the middle of Web3 but we are a 2.5 organization so we want to empower and spread secure entrance to Web3 to everyone (projects, personas and communities) who wants to jump to this side. We see that our mission brings information curated and real for our community.

We going to make 2 improvements that takes time, money and people and for that we want to make this gap affordable and also

  1. Talent

We need more talent and of course with retribution for the next 2024 (Q1-Q2) we want to implement features to Happ3n side and events so we need knowledge and talent.

Back end developer (1) to add in our happ3n improvements and connection to Push notifications also the creation of our Happ3n Push Channel integration this will be to share some events happening on the ecosystem, we want to implement 2 classes to our community explaining the benefits about Push and teaching them

  1. Marketing (Exposure & Push Implementation)

We want all the community to know about our improvements and of course we want to make some twitter spaces, YouTube live with Push en Español community if we win all the community does too!.

Roadmap Happ3n & PUSH (UPDATE DOWN)
That’s why we want to participate together with you making things like:

  1. Sé un Pusher by Happ3n XYZ: This is going to be making marketing about this week to reach more people, the core of this activity is explain to the Web3 community: How Push are bringing solutions (¿Cómo Push está trayendo soluciones al ecosistema?) but also be clear about What’s Push (¿Qué es Push?) talking about this, bringing super clear information and reaching more people. (POAP request & design included) (1 interview for Youtube with 2 PUSH members
  2. 2 Articles in our blog section about PUSH https://happ3n.xyz/blog/
  3. 1 X Space (with host, POAP request & design included)
  4. 2 Push Growth Classes (at least 10 personas, to teach our community our Push channel and the utility)
  5. Happ3n x PUSH (sponsor spot) We gonna put your logo as a sponsors front page https://happ3n.xyz/ on our website with other emblematic brands on Web3

Value Proposition to Push Protocol

We offer a unique opportunity to be part of the first hispanic event website and community directory, for being one of the first to arrive Push Protocol will gain visibility in our platform and social media, promoting with our community all the benefits to use and integrate Push Protocol in their own projects.

This is a mutual growth that will bring expansion to everyone in the Web3 ecosystem for being one of the first to arrive we are projecting more than 1K new users to use it in the first 3 months next our total implementation for the V2.0 on our Website in the Q2 2024 we project also growth in our social media channels too, expecting the amount between: Twitter, Push Channel, YouTube, Telegram and Website. We expect more than 5K views and impact users per month at least.
We have a lot to share and expand. That’s why we are content creators. Our philosophy it’s make a bridge between the Web2 world with something they like or share and be a bridge to the Web3 world. We have a podcast and broadcast videos each week we start our channel.

Official Website: https://happ3n.xyz

Release Happ3n official website 7th September 2023


| |



Social Media



YouTube Channel (Open July 2023)

Funding Requested

This will be applied for the next version v2.0 and improvements in our actual platform with Push Protocol and events integration.

This activities will be completed in 3 months


Role or Activity To Do Assign Compensation
Project Manager & Growth Execution and Coordination of the 2.0 V implementation Sohobiit 650 USD
Product Designer UI/UX and Diagram user flow Nayamoshi 850 USD
Front End Dev Structure and execution design Sebas 400 USD
PUSH Channel 50 PUSH
Total 2000 USD


Activity Timeline
Implementation Push Notifications on Happ3n Between the Date when we receive the Grant we will upgrade this info with PUSH TEAM to get specific dates. Stay Tuned!
Open Happ3n (Push Channel)
Sé un Pusher ( Be a Pusher)
2 Push Growth Classes
X Space
Happ3n x Push (sponsor spot)

Wallet Address

Relevant Links & Attachments
Twitter · Linktree

Referral Jafett Sandi @MrJaf


Thrilled to welcome Happ3n into the Push Grantees ecosystem.
Looking forward to start collaborating



Activity Timeline
Implementation Push Notifications on Happ3n 1 - 3 Feb 2024
Open Happ3n (Push Channel) 27 - 29 Jan 2024
Sé un Pusher (Be a Pusher) 25 Jan 2024 · 7 PM hora CDMX (Happ3n YT Channel)
2 Push Growth Classes 1.Open Happ3n Channel
2. Teach at least 10 personas from Happ3n community about the benefits of using Push
X Space [Working] 10 Jan 2024 · 6 pm hora CDMX Happ3n Listed
Happ3n x Push (Sponsor Spot) :white_check_mark: Done Oficial Happ3n Site


Happ3n Magazine Banner


It would be wonderful if we could join forces with Push Ambassadors Latam to enhance and maximize our impact. If you’re interested in initiating the planning process, @Carlaupgrade is your best point of contact.

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Of course, count on it, I’m very interested i will get in touch with @Carlaupgrade to make sure this happ3n :wink:


Working on it together.

GM Dear Pushers :bell: we drop you updates with everything we have done from Happ3n to show transparency about the milestones and everything in detail.


Activity Timeline Status Link
Implementation Push Notifications on Happ3n According we use our Channel, notifications will be sent to the Happ3n community, Stay Tuned! :white_check_mark: YouTube
Open Happ3n (Push Channel) Explanation about our Push channel opening in a very simple and concrete way :white_check_mark: YouTube
Sé un Pusher (Be a Pusher) YouTube Live with 2 Push members who can tell us about technical push topics and explain how they can use Push on Web3 community :white_check_mark: YouTube
2 Push Growth Classes 1.Open Happ3n Channel :white_check_mark: YouTube
2. Teach at least 10 personas from Happ3n community about the benefits of using Push · 6 Feb 2024 :construction: Soon
3 Articles (Happ3n Magazine) 1. Push Protocol el WhatsApp de la Web3 :white_check_mark: Happ3n MAG Link
2. Descubre las Oportunidades de convertirte en Grantee de Push Protocol :bell: :white_check_mark: Happ3n MAG Link
3. 5 Feb 2024 :construction: Soon
X Space Push News and some Alphas Event Listed on Happ3n and POAP :white_check_mark: X Space Recording
Happ3n x Push (Sponsor Spot) Bottom Website you can see the sponsor spot, Push Protocol highlighted Img Ref :white_check_mark: Oficial Happ3n Site


:white_check_mark: Happ3n Magazine Banner > Link Ref

3 Threads on Twitter (X)

  1. :white_check_mark: Thread
  2. :construction: Date 30 de Jan 2024
  3. :construction: Date 7 Feb 2024
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GM Dear Pushers! :bell:

Here is the latest update on the last 4 milestones that were pending in our last proposal update as you can see up, with these last ones we reached the end of this first grantee on time as promised from the beginning.
Here attached the proofs and hope to work with you again soon.

All Milestones :white_check_mark:

:video_camera: Push Growth Class: (6 Feb 2024)
:white_check_mark: 2. Teach at least 10 personas from Happ3n community about the benefits of using Push · Link

:memo: Article in our Happ3n Magazine (6 Feb 2024)
:white_check_mark: 3. Navegando en la Ola Tecnológica de la mano de Push Protocol · Link


Threads on Twitter (X)

:white_check_mark: 2. Thread
:white_check_mark: 3. Thread


Felicitaciones por completar su hoja de ruta a tiempo! :white_check_mark:
(English Paraphrase: congratulations on completing your roadmap on time🚀)

Thank you for hosting multiple growth classes and creating high-quality content to educate the Spanish Web3 community about Push Protocol!

Appreciate your team’s efforts in working towards the milestones and transparently sharing the project updates at regular intervals.
It was super fun to work with Happ3n!

Wishing you and the entire Happ3n team Good luck :raised_hands:


Thank you @Sid we hope to continue working together and be able to sharing the synergy between Push and Happ3n :handshake:
Be transparents it’s a filosofy inside our Happ3n Team so we are glad to keep pushing and expand the Push Movement for hispanics parlants.

Have a nice day! :four_leaf_clover: