Hello! Sofi here, nice to meet you!

Hi everyone! My name is Sofia (aka sofiverse) and I’m a self-taught visual designer that’s been in the Web3 ecosystem since 2022. I entered because of the metaverses (i’m an architect, so metaverses blew my mind) and started collaborating with Web3 projects and communities through my design skills.

I started by creating an NFT collection about mexican urban culture (currently under construction - it will go to the metaverse!) and last december I decided to quit my Web2 job to go full remote and Web3. Currently, I’m a writer, researcher and designer in Marketized (a Web3 marketing project), and I’m a part of Urbanika, researching and building tools for Decentralized Governance in LATAM neighborhoods.

Also, I’m a passionate hackathon nerd. This year I started participating in them and I plan to keep doing it haha I’m really passionate about technology and building in this infinite ecosystem, because I feel like I’m contributing to build the sci-fi future I’ve read about when I was a child. One of the things I want to explore now are DAOs and governance, and I want to become an active member so I can learn how they work from inside.

That’s all, nice to meet you all! If I can help you with anything, please reach out!


Hi Sofi, what a cool introduction! Welcome. I’m Luis, aka Wolfcito, software developer. If you need anything on the technical side and I can help, don’t hesitate to ask.


Thank you Luis, nice to meet you!


Welcome Sofi, we are happy to have you here.


GM @sofiverse - amazing profile. welcome to Push DAO. if hackathons, DAOs and governance interest you, i think you’re in the right place.

we have stuff like our ongoing BRB Bootcamp which you may find exciting.

in terms of governance, we thrive on community participation and community-driven initiatives such as the Push Grants Program and the BD SubDAO. with the launch of Push DAO v2 we’ve set up new and improved governance processes and structures like the DAO Council. all this helps to accelerate the entire Push ecosystem and enables us become better DAOists.

there’s a lot to talk about haha. a great starting point for you would be getting an overview of Push DAO. welcome once again! :partying_face:


Thank you, Gozman! Glad to be here!


Hey @cristiandike! Thank you for all the recommedantions on how to start! I’ve already started reading some things, thank you for sharing the links. We’ll surely meet in the Push ecosystem!