Hi I'm Mafer Lopez

Hi Pushfrens :purple_heart:

I’m Mafer López, a content creator, community builder, and web3 enthusiast. I’m currently the co-founder of the educational community Dosis Web3 and the Push Protocol LATAM Ambassador. My passion in web3 is education, learning more about the technologies, their potential, implementation, and innovation.

I’ve been in the ecosystem for about 2 years, constantly learning and contributing to projects and communities. I’ve had the opportunity to host in several communities, create audiovisual content, be a speaker at one of Venezuela’s web3 events representing Push alongside a great friend who is also an ambassador, and at that same event I was part of the press team interviewing different web3 personalities and speakers. Recently, I organized the Global Pizza Party in Caracas, Venezuela, overcoming more and more challenges and having new aspirations.

I’m passionate about learning to foster and develop new skills. I love design, creating content with a good story that connects and humanizes, and I’m a fan of web3 culture, and that’s what I mean by memes and poaps. Thanks to Push Protocol, I’ve been able to enhance this.

What’s next in the short, medium, and long term?

I have no doubt that I will be more active in the web3 space, continuing to collaborate, build, and educate.
In Push Protocol? Any opportunity possible to bring the benefits we have to more places, and now with everything we want to do in the DAO, there’s a lot to work on and empower and drive the adoption of this disruptive decentralized technology. :bell:



great to get an introduction from you @soymaferlopezp - you’re clearly doing a lot in the community already! keep going! :clap:


Welcome to Push DAO @soymaferlopezp. Thank you for the formal introduction!

It would be great if you could create educational content for Push DAO. Feel free to drop me a message on Discord or Telegram (sixtykeys), and we can discuss more.

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Hi @SixtyKeys thanks for reading my intro and commenting.
Wow that would be really cool. I’m writing you on Discord!

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Hi @christiandike thanks for reading my intro. Let’s keep building from and for Push!