PGP Proposal: Intract + EPNS

1. Project Name: Intract

2. Email:

3. About You

My name is Sambhav. My co-founders and I are building Intract. We have worked for firms such as McKinsey & Company and Blackstone Private Equity in the past, graduated from IIT Delhi in India, as well as have prior experience with web3 and starting up.

My team includes:

  • Apurv Kaushal - twitter:apurvkaushal
  • Abhishek Anita - twitter:Abhishek12318
  • And me, Sambhav Jain - twitter:sambhavjain_nft

Discord IDs: * Sambhav Jain - SambhavJ#8674

4. Project TLDR

At Intract, we are building a Stakeholder Data Platform for Web 3.0 projects. Through our product, Web 3.0 projects can unify off + on-chain data sources to analyze, engage and grow their stakeholders. Over 20 global projects are using our product to track 400K+ stakeholders and to create business value by supercharging their product & marketing functions.

5. Proposal Category

  • Tooling
  • Marketing

As of now, we are working horizontally across different verticals since our product has use cases across all categories above. All the categories above need to understand their stakeholders to be customers, token holders, community members, or contributors in a better manner to extract maximum utility from their business. Since we are a stakeholder data platform, we are the perfect tool for web3.0 projects, that can be used for both marketing as well as product functions.

For instance, NFT and GameFi companies find a strong use case in crypto-native marketing such as whitelisting and airdrops which they can easily target using our product. Similarly, DeFi and DAOs need to be able to distinguish between active contributors and lurkers in their communities to market accordingly and work productively.

6. Project Overview

Web 3.0 companies don’t have the data infrastructure to understand who their users are.

  1. Web 3.0 has various different stakeholders in their roles/association - project customers, token holders, contributors, community members, etc
  2. Their data fragmented across different channels - On-Chain Wallets, Discord, Smart Contracts, Twitter, etc
  3. Existing tools offer limited analytics capabilities to unify and understand users from different channels (e.g. Discord Server Insights, Dune Analytics)

As a result, Web 3.0 companies are unable to segment users and take targeted actions (such as communicating through EPNS). They lose out on opportunities to better connect with their members and create more business value.

Here are a few features we are currently building at Intract:

Unified Member Profile: Sync up the off-chain activity of members (such as community interactions) with activity from their non-custodial blockchain wallets (such as whether they hold your token/NFT).

CRM: Connect all members from various sources of data & apply custom filters for segmentation and targeted communication.

Analytics: Customize your important KPIs to track the growth, engagement & activity of your stakeholders as a Web 3.0 company.

Engagement Campaigns: Assign member segments for on-chain communication & much more.

Our team works on all aspects of the company be it product, tech or people/growth. The work/position allocation is as follows: Apurv serves as our Chief Product Officer, Abhishek as our Chief Technology Officer and Sambhav as the Chief Executive Officer.

To cover the question on costs, the majority of our costs will be allocated towards hiring exciting talent to grow on all fronts specifically engineering and product development since we’re aiming to test and experiment with a couple of new features in the near future. Along with this, database and server costs will also be a vital component due to good growth in the total number of customers and community members we’re solving for.

7. Value Proposition to EPNS

  • Customer Synergy - Work together in understanding needs and problems which our clients face to figure out a solution which will be mutually beneficial and help cross-sell better
  • Increased Adoption of EPNS - Increase the utility and value that customers can get from EPNS using Intract and cross connection of our ecosystems to drive growth
  • Higher Push of $PUSH tokens - Utilsiing $PUSH tokens for Intract driven rewards in communities. Incentivise client to have community campaigns where they can give $PUSH tokens for airdops in.

8. Funding Requested
$50K (TBD)

9. Milestones

We have been working under the following timeline in consideration:

  • Q3 2022: Our Analytics layer is live and actively used by 25+ customers which is our Q3 target for the year 2022

The milestone that we hit post our Analytics layer being active is that within a month of being active we were able to scale to 25+ customers with over 200k community members

  • Q4 2022: The development of Engagement campaigns is mostly finished and will get live in the next quarter of this year

The next goal is to test and experiment with a couple of new features in the near future while following a customer-feedback-driven approach with multiple iterations along the way to achieve PMF.

10. Wallet Address

— To be decided —

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12. Referral


This a great tool for any growth PM/ founder in web3 space to interact and engage with customer! All the best guys


This sounds awesome. Wish you best of luck!


Really excited to see this journey, let’s hope this builds into something massive!


Seems pretty cool - will help boost ROI


This project seems to be very synergistic with EPNS, would love to move forward and learn more.


Hi there,
Great proposal there btw, I’ve got a few questions

  1. Are you guys live right now?
  2. What is the number of active users and your monthly traffic.
  3. How many users will potentially be onboarded into EPNS notifications.
  4. How many notifications per user in average over a time period

Thanks for your questions, @aswin. Please see our responses below -

  1. Yes, our project is live with 20 clients currently in our phase 1, and we plan to expand to 100+ clients by the end of the year
  2. Through our clients, we currently interact with 400K+ users on an active basis
  3. There is a potential to onboard most if not all clients and users of Intract into EPNS as well as the preferred integration for communication through Intract
  4. The platform is already capturing 4M+ data points (triggers) on a monthly basis, there is massive potential to scale this up further and create notification workflows linked to these triggers

@SambhavJain a few questions that will help understand better where are you guys exactly right now, and what are the expectations for the remaining part of the year.

  • Will it be possible to list some of your current partners & collaborators?

    • How many active users do they have approx?
  • With Intract being more a tool for Projects aiming to improve the effectiveness in communication and engagement for web3 users - Identifying opportunities cannot be directly related to a number of notifications.

    • Can you share more details as to whats the plan to help Projects convert opportunities into notifications?
    • Are you thinking on integrating notifications inside the Intract Platform? If so, for which use cases?

We’d love to have you join Office hours to clarify questions that other community members might have as well.

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Seems like a revolutionary project in the space of Web 3.0 and empowering and making the Blockchain-based community efficient