PGP Proposal: Inverter + Push

1. Project Name


2. Email

3. About You

Alp Ergin: Head of Strategy at Inverter
Head of Partnership & BD PrimeDAO

Ataberk Casur: Head of Business Development & Mechanism Design
Researcher and Designer at Curve Labs, Ex-Steward at PrimeDAO

Carlo Mallone: Head of Product at Inverter
Ex-CTO of Molecule.

Baran Canbaloglu: Product Owner & Solutions Architect at Inverter
Solution Designer at Vodafone.

Marvin Kruse: Head of Backend Development at Inverter
CEO and Founder at Byterocket; developed with Kollektivo and PrimeDAO

Elif Nisa Polat: Lead Program Manager at Inverter
Consultant at World Bank

Lea Filipo: Head of Design at Inverter
DAOStack/Genesis, Gnosis DAO, Glassnode

As a team, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our backgrounds and experiences, enabling us to see challenges from multiple angles and come up with innovative solutions. Our team includes individuals with experience in web3, web2, multinational companies, international organizations, and community builders from 6 different countries. Together, we offer a unique perspective on strategy and execution.

As Head of Strategy for Inverter, Alp Ergin has proven himself to be a true pioneer in the web3 space. Since 2019, he has played a significant role in the development of onboarding tools, mechanism design, governance, and community building. His contributions have been crucial to major projects such as Celo, Prime DAO, Climate Collective, and Gitcoin. With his strategic mindset and deep understanding of the web3 ecosystem, Alp continues to drive innovation and growth for Inverter and the wider industry. His dedication to strategy and forward-thinking approach make him a valuable asset to any team or project.

As a full believer in change through infrastructure, Ataberk Casur is leading the Business Development and Mechanism Design for Inverter. He is passionate about building regenerative systems that empower ecosystems of individuals and local entities. Inverter relies on his approach that not only taps into the capabilities of Web3 protocols, but it also creates a more resilient network as a whole. As Ataberk continues to drive the development of these decentralized mechanisms, he remains dedicated to creating a more sustainable and equitable future.

As the leader of our Product and Product Strategy, Carlo Malone brings a wealth of experience in creating collaborative ecosystems. He has spent the last few years designing and implementing Molecule DAO, an open platform that connects life science research to funding. Carlo has proven himself as a capable team leader, effectively managing technology and processes while driving overall success. We are excited to have Carlo at the helm as we continue to grow and innovate.

As a seasoned Product Owner and Solutions Architect, Baran Canbaloglu is an asset to any team. With his technical expertise honed through his experience at Vodafone, he excels in transforming business requirements into practical solutions utilizing agile product management. He is also skilled in strategy development, ensuring that the products and solutions created to align with company goals and objectives. Baran’s background and capabilities make him the perfect fit for Inverter’s Product Owner & Solutions Architect role.

As the leader of Inverter’s Backend Development team, Marvin Kruse brings extensive experience in decentralized systems and disruptive technology to the table. His strategy for developing innovative software solutions has allowed him to thrive as an entrepreneur in the tech industry. His passion for improving the world through technology drives him to excel in his role at Inverter.

As Lead Program Manager at Inverter, Elif Nisa Polat is able to bring a unique perspective to the team with her experience working in international organizations such as the World Bank and UNDP. This valuable experience aids her in identifying communities that can benefit from Inverter’s technology and strategy development. Her passion for exploring emerging technologies allows her to drive and promote social impact within these communities. Elif’s background and passion make her an asset to the Inverter team and their mission of using technology for good.

As the Design Lead for Inverter, Lea Filipo brings a wealth of experience to the table. With eight years working in international brand agencies and on web3 projects, she has consistently demonstrated her commitment to collaborative and sustainable design. Her expertise in this field is evident in the sleek design of Inverter, which seamlessly integrates functionality with aesthetics. Lea’s passion for design and dedication to innovation makes her an invaluable asset to the Inverter team.

4. Project TLDR (2-3 Sentences)

Inverter is an ‘Operations Portal’ for organizations to manage their grants programs, funding operations, and treasuries. It is a one-stop-shop for contributors to apply for funds, manage funds and maintain feedback loops with funders and community stakeholders. It is a milestones-based funding mechanism that enables due diligence primitives such as KYC verifications, entity establishment, automated invoicing, and on-chain equity activation to open pathways to loan financing.

5. Proposal Category

  • Tooling

6. Project Overview

Inverter dApp is inspired by the Operations Portals that are being used to fund over 1.2 trillion USD for development projects across the globe by organizations like United Nations, World Bank, and European Union. Our aim is to interconnect the novel technologies of web3 to the grounded funding infrastructures of traditional organizations to improve access to funding and inspire distributed ownership for builders and funders of the next generation of the internet regardless of their backgrounds.

Simply said Inverter is an ‘Operations Portal’ for organizations to manage their grants programs, funding operations, and treasuries. It is a one-stop-shop for contributors to apply for funds, manage funds and maintain feedback loops with funders and community stakeholders.

Inverter Product MAIN Features TL DR

  • (2022)Initial Release:
    • Milestone-based Long term project/workstream funding and joint funding with reduced overhead
    • Transparency around funded projects for communities
    • Organizations can manage and track their incoming proposals and funded proposals from one
      organizational page
    • Teams can have one common proposal that can be used for applying to, streaming funding from,
      maintaining accountability with, and receiving continuous feedback from many organizations.
    • Ability to withdraw funding from a project
  • (2023) Funder Treasury accounts that can run yield earning and diversification strategies with continuous payment abilities
  • (2023) On-chain milestone-based investment based on KPIs and Due Diligence
  • (2023) Multi-token funding with fluid funding governance
  • (2023) Tax-deductible donations
  • (2023) On-chain organization(DAO, Association, etc.) establishment
  • (2023) Community Conviction Signaling

Inverter Development Timeline
Currently in Development Phase to carry out a Private Beta Launch by the end of November.

Below is a detailed project roadmap;

Phase I:
MVP Development (ongoing- Q1 2023)


  • Defining core feature set for the Private Beta Launch
    * Finalize MVP scope
    * Shape core feature sets such as user journeys, lofi mockups
    * prepare high-level solution designs for frontend
  • HiFi UI designs


  • Smart Contract development
  • Landing Page development
  • Proposal creation wizard implementation
  • Data management structure development for:
    * User activities
    * Project Proposal
    * Notification Services
  • User & Funder Organization Profile page implementation Regression tests (not started)

Not Started

  • Regression tests
  • Bugfix and Improvements
  • Test Coverage

KPIs for the Q4

  • Register 10 Organizations (DAOs and Grant Program) to the Private Beta Launch

Once an organization is registered on Inverter it will have its own profile page where the users can access information related to the organization. Once we register PUSH to Inverter contributors, once they press the ‘Subscribe’ button and enable notifications, will start receiving notifications related to the organization. The notifications will include but not be limited to:
-New Grant Program Announcement
-New Funding Announcement
-New Proposal
-Forum Posts
-Updates and News on Funded Projects

  • Have 10 Projects created on the Inverter dApp

Users will be able to subscribe(follow in this case) to projects that is being funded on Inverter the same way they can subscribe to an organization and receive notifications. Once the users follow a project they will be receiving notifications about the updates regarding the project.

Push Protocol Proposal KPIs

Often Asked Questions & Answers

- Do you have DAOs & contributors using your platform already?
Currently, we have 15 soft committed organizations to become funders during our beta launch. We have +10 soft committed projects to create a proposal on the Inverter dApp. We are hoping to register the Push protocol to Inverter as a funder and establish a long-standing partnership.

- What’s your strategy to get DAOs onboarded?
Our main strategy is to invite DAOs, research organizations, and grants programs, to the Inverter to test the product, go through the Inverter experience and then establish close feedback relationships with these organizations so that the roadmap of the project can address more of their pain points, needs, and desires as we continue iterating towards new features, services, and integrations. Our initial target organizations include but are not limited to DAOs such as PushDAO and AaveDAO, Climate Collective (focused on Climate projects), TE Academy, and Ecosystem Funders, which are L1s and protocols with large communities that are also incentivizing people to build on top of their infrastructures.

As such, we have already built feedback loops with our initial set of partners that have collaborated with us to address an organic demand for funding infrastructure. This includes organizations such as BlockScience, PrimeDAO, TEC, TE Academy, Climate Collective, Celo Network, and Aave. Finally, we aim to roll out two testing phases where we will invite our partners to fund some of their workstreams and grants through Inverter before we go with a broader public launch.

7. Value Proposition to Push

Increased adoption of Push

-We believe that it is really important for Push to integrate as many web3 projects and tools as possible. When we integrate Push to Inverter for the notification services we want to provide to funders and contributor teams, many organizations and working teams will have experienced the Push services and their benefits. We will build our internal app notification system based on Push services and encourage Push adoption for our users. With Push, users will have access to crucial information to coordinate the funding process of a project. Below is a list of some of the notifications users will receive:

List of notifications
Proposal Owner

“You got funded!”, element click → route to the proposal detail page

“A funder withdraw its fund”, element click → route to Proposal dashboard’s “Proposal Pool” page

“A Funder dropped a feedback”, element click → route to proposal detail page & scroll to the feedback area

“Your milestone duration has ended, please add your proof of completion document”, element click → route to proposal details & scroll milestone section

You reached the minimum funding amount you can start streaming funds → route to trigger the funding button on the proposal overview page.

Proposal Funder

“Your milestone x duration ended, please upload your report”, element click-> route to proposal details milestone section

“A new funder join your funded proposal”, element click → route to proposal dashboard

New feedback provided to your funded proposal, element click → route to proposal feedback space

Your funded proposal has a new proof of completion report, element click → route to proposal details milestone section

Push Grants

-After registering the Push Grants program to the Inverter, Push will have the opportunity to manage its grants program on the Inverter with the benefits provided such as increased transparency and accountability, milestone-based funding, and collaborative funding.

8. Funding Requested - should be in Push tokens

20K USD ~ 72.8K PUSH (as of Nov 16th, 2022)

9. Milestones

Milestone #1: Push Integration specifications and technical roadmap finalized
-Register 15 Funders (organizations, DAOs, grant programs)
-Register PUSH to Inverter

Milestone #2: Push Integration completed
-Notifications are being delivered via Push Protocol on the Inverter Platform
-Have 10 Projects registered on Inverter
-Send 20 notifications to each Contributor in Q4 2022

10. Wallet Address: 0x10666d9c6295E838d3b8B84ffcC97d62EF7e6120

11. Relevant Links & attachments

Latest blog piece on Inverter: The birth of Inverter Network, Team and Feature Updates- Part 2 — Inverter Network

Gitbook: Introduction to Inverter - Inverter Network-Docs (WIP)

12. Referral

Jaf from Push.

Q&A at the Office Hours
Hoping to give you guys a deeper walkthrough of our product and answer your questions better at the office hour on Thursday December 1st, we would appreciate your feedback and questions feel free to type them below!


Great project. Milestone based funding is a much needed step forward for web3 community.


Hey Inverter,

I hope all is well. This project proposal is exciting and problem-solving, in my opinion. I love the idea that this can be scaled and provide real-world integrations. I also admire the fact that raising money is only through grants and not raising money. Raising money in web3 can be challenging due to capital allocation; using grants decentralizes this process.

I have a few questions - how close is this protocol to launching (smart contracts, audits, etc.), and how would the dispute function work?

Thank you for your time!


Thank you so much for joining us during Office hours to demo and do Q&A.
Got really great feedback from our community, and it was really helpful to understand better the entire project and the value proposition for Push.


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Hi @SSkidgoku, thanks for your interest and thoughts! I wanted to give answers to your questions below:

  • The smart contract development will be finished within two weeks. And we will have the closed test launch with pilot fundings running in mid January. We will have at least one audit before the initial launch, already preparing for one and in conversation with others.

  • For the dispute function, we are talking with UMA to integrate their Optimistic Oracle. An answer provider to the data request of an oracle question (milestone achievements/ KPI reaches) can provide the answer they claim to be a true with a stake. Unless a provided answer is disputed within a dispute period, the data provided is deemed true. If it is disputed, a disputer brings a counter-stake and starts the escalation process for a resolution, which then punishes the wrong side by claiming their stake and rewards the correct side with those funds.

The optimistic oracle can be used to create KPI/metric based deliverable completion claims and act as credible checkmarks between milestones without requiring to involve the organizational bureaucracy for funder approval. We are very aligned with this optimistic mechanism that matches with our optimistic funding flows.

Hope the answers were clear, happy to expand on any other question :nazar_amulet:


This Push Grant Proposal has met all requirements to go to voting phase and will be up for 7-days community voting on Snapshot.

Link to proposal on Snapshot:
PGP-11: Inverter + Push

Voting starts: 07 Dec 2022 4.30 AM UTC
Voting ends: 14 Dec 2022 4.30 AM UTC

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Congratulations Inverter team!
Your Push Grant is now approved via Governance.

See voting results here: PGP-11: Inverter + Push

YES: 1.1M PUSH | 93.8%

NO: 76K PUSH | 6.2%

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