PGP Proposal: Mai.Finance + EPNS = Notifications on Custom Liquidation Ratio's

  1. MAI.Finance + EPNS Notifications

  2. About You
    *I’m Jason Sutis or Hav0x and I am contributing to this team from an initial idea, marketing, and product management perspective. (and writing for this grant!)
    I found EPNS at ETH Denver 2022 and immediately saw the need for a dapp I’m DAO member of, Mai Finance. I have Organized a team of Developers to tackle the technical side, and have a vision for implementation. I am a Former TV and Digital advertising producer with 10 years experience working for Extreme Reach, Saatchi & Saatchi in NYC. I then led a SaaS product design team that automated much of my workload onto a custom ffmpeg AWS server. Now I am a freelance product marketer, designer, investor, and too-many-dao-member.

  • Discord: HǟVØχ#2269

I started this project just looking for ANY developers - but once I explained your product to Mai.Finance (also at ETH Denver) They were on board to develop a Proof of Concept example for their platform! And gave me the go-ahead to submit this grant proposal and manage the process.

  1. Project TL:DR
    Mai.Finance allows users to mint stable coin MAI against their crypto on multiple chains. Doing so exposes the user to the danger of liquidation should the value of their crypto fall below 130% ratio, and there is currently no early warning signal. This project will design a Proof of Concept (POC) interface for that allows users to program push notifications at custom loan ratios. Therefore allowing the user to step away from constantly monitoring their loan.

  2. Proposal Category

  3. Project Overview
    Attaching EPNS Service to Mai.Finance’s - Loan to Collateral Ratio, so that users can program custom notifications (at custom ratio levels), using EPNS. For the specified grant Mai.Finance has agreed to develop a non-live Proof of Concept interface for their loan program. Once successful - I would like to engage BOTH communities in feedback on the interface and ease of use before moving to production.

  4. Value Propositions
    Not only would this be one of the first ‘low hanging fruit’ projects for EPNS - there are also many cross-promotion and marketing opportunities between the two communities. Mai has an active discord and is well-positioned in the defi space to be an early adopter of EPNS. There are a few advanced protocol opportunities that may exist, especially as we go through the entire process.

This grant is for the initial Proof of Concept development and does not represent the final production form, or obligation of use. After the initial Proof of Concept (POC) is programmed, we would like to engage in cross-marketing opportunities with BOTH communities, So both communities can have a clear understanding of each technology. If the POC is successful, a separate grant will be requested to engage in cross-marketing + social media. The following are a few initial ideas for advertising.

  • One 15sec (or less) video for the Mai Dao to understand EPNS and what it does for user

  • One 15sec (or less) video for EPNS Dao to understand Mai

  • Cross-posting on Twitter and social media along with professional copy + Image (one sheet)

  • Cross-posting on BOTH discord’s with an AMA Style Live town hall.

  1. Funding Requested
    ~$6,500 USD at today’s $PUSH Price that is = ~6,310 $PUSH
    ($PUSH @ ~$1.03)
    This includes development and management fee for designing a Proof of Concept interface between Mai.Finance and EPNS - as well as a small initial seed fund for the EPNS contract. (Ratio’s to be finalized by the team)

  2. Milestones

  • Confirm that a solution is in place to prevent spam msg on the side (we think this is easy as the contract is only available once you login/connect a wallet)

  • Confirm solution for “Reset” function - i.e. how does the notifications reset or if they do. I think they could automatically reset after they have triggered, after +20% gain. But for now we could start with a manual reset function.

  • Smart Contract / API Development

  • UX Design - for POC Simple Line graph and % bar, allow for the placement of up to ~4x custom notifications

  • Testing of system

  • Funding of contract for EPNS Push Notifications!

  1. Wallet Address
    To be updated by the team

  2. Relevant Links & Attachments
    Discord Links for Team:
    Jason S. - HǟVØχ#2269
    Pablo P. - (Dev at Mai.Finance)
    Jackson Felty - (Dev at Mai.Finance)
    I will add discord links once I confirm ok from team
    Telegram Links for Team:
    Jason S. - (Product Manager)@Hav0x
    Pablo P. - (Dev at Mai.Finance) @
    Jackson Felty - (Dev at Mai.Finance) @

  3. Referral
    Nothing official - but after your presentation at ETH Den 2022 - I walked up and said I was going to connect your platform to, and Harsh said I should apply for a grant. But the conversation was very quick, and nothing official.


100% supportive of this approach to implementing EPNS protocol for lending protocol users.
We’d ideally start by developing a notification for on the EPNS dapp, then the user interface proposed here can work as an effective “front end” for Mai users to conveniently access and then customize.

  1. Wallet Address

  2. Relevant Links & Attachments
    Telegram Links for Team:
    Jason S - @hav0x
    Pablo - @pablothepenguin
    Jackson Felty - @pnk_unicorn

Updated with info from Mai.Finance Team!


Very cool initiative.

I’ve held a miMatic Vault for some time and can confirm that not having a notifications for lending has led me to only lend or borrow stable as i tend to hold them for longer periods of time. (not to mention the one bad experience i had with my position being liquidated :smile:)

it makes all the sense in the world to offer users the ability to opt in to notifications for the dapp they want from that dapp. :100: