PGP Proposal: PepperStake + Push Protocol

Project Name: PepperStake Protocol

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Email:, lucy1049684100@gmail. com, jf4047@nyu. edu

Relevant Links & Attachments
Website: pepperstake. xyz (remove the space to access the website)
Github: pepperstake · GitHub
Demo: PepperStake | ETHGlobal
PepperStake Protocol has won 3rd Prize in Push Protocol, 1st Best Graph in The Graph, Top 10 projects in Optimism, and Pool Prize from ENS, UMA, and SKALE in the passing ETHSF.

Team Intro:

  • Jmill: Front-End Developer at juicebox. money, Solidity Developer
    Email: jon@jmill. dev
    Twitter: jmilldotdev
    Discord: jmill#1001

  • Lucy: Full-stack web-app Developer, prior software engineer at an investment bank.
    Email: lucy1049684100@gmail. com
    Twitter: KSeisai
    Discord: Lucy Qiu#6406

  • Jiahui: Ecosystem Lead at chainbase. online
    Email: jf4047@nyu. edu
    Twitter: JiahuiFu0929
    Discord: Jiahui#3877

Project TL:DR
PepperStake is a social protocol that enables staking for accountability. It can be applied to individual and collective goal setting and implementation.

Proposal Category
Other, social protocol

Project Overview

  1. Describe the project in detail. What is the work that needs to be done and what’s potentially already finished?
    Detailed intro to PepperStake: in our mechanism, the creator creates a project for participants to stake crypto to it, and appoints supervisors to verify the completion of goals. Once participants complete the goal and it is verified, they can get the staked crypto back, otherwise, it goes to beneficiaries that the creator set previously. Additionally, anyone can sponsor any amount of crypto to PepperStake that will be distributed to those who complete the goal.
    Done: an initial website, initial codes enabling core functions (creator-supervisor-participant interaction, sponsor add-on)
    To be done: polished web app, live demo, add-on features (oracles, identity system integration, streaming payments, etc.), beta testing
  2. What’s the timeline for the completion of the different tasks?
    Month 1: add-on features, finish testnet app - beta testing Month 2: audit, polish web apps, finish first use case app Month 3: mainnet deployment, integration to other apps
  3. How will the work be delegated among the team?
    Jmill, backend developer; Lucy, frontend developer; Jiahui, PM/BD.
  4. What costs are involved?
    Costs regarding mainnet deployment Gas fees per transaction Miscellaneous expenses

Value Proposition to Push Protocol

What are the benefits to the Push Protocol community for investing in this proposal?
- An innovative use case for Push Protocol that has real-life value - help individuals and groups better achieve their goals
- Expand Push Protocol users through PepperStake’s application in DAOs, Hackathons, online and IRL events in general

Funding Requested -
116,000 $Push tokens (30k USD) as of (11/20) (Negotiable, open to opinions!)


  • Month 1:

    1. Finish the initial version of the protocol with all desired additional features (oracle delegates, platform/creator/sponsor fees, etc.)
    2. Rebuild the subgraph with new features and deploy to testnet
    3. Finish testnet webapp and onboard beta testers
  • Month 2:

    1. Get protocol audited, fix any outstanding bugs
    2. Polish web app
    3. Finish first usecase app - (for individual goal setting)
  • Month 3:

    1. Deploy to mainnet
    2. Integration with DAOs, Gaming Guilds, Hackthons, events, etc.

Wallet Address: 0x731C53Bc0347846335bC0D3F478041e09d470145


Jaf, Jun Gong