Proposal: Push University Initiative

Authors: @damariscosss
Co-authors: @EC3

As a Texas Tech University student and board member of the Web3 Acceleration Association (WAA), I suggest launching “Push University,” a dedicated initiative under the Push DAO. This workstream will seek to teach students about Web3 technologies through workshops, job opportunities, and real-world applications, and it will help connect students from other universities. We hope to inspire the next generation of Web3 pioneers by utilizing the Push Protocol’s tools and community to show students both why this space is important and how they can be involved, even if they are not developers.

Why Push University is Needed
The rapidly changing world of Web3 technologies needs a new approach to education and professional development. Traditional university courses frequently fall behind the most recent industry trends, leaving students unprepared for careers in blockchain, decentralized finance (DeFi), and other Web3 fields. Push University addresses this gap by offering education and hands-on experience that is directly relevant to industry needs. We do this through direct work in Push DAO, mentorship from DAO Council members and other ecosystem professionals, and seminars on practical industry topics.

Key Reasons for Push University:
– Overcoming the Knowledge Gap: Many students are unaware of the capabilities and usefulness of Web3 technology. Push University will help students with both basic understanding and advanced insights into these technologies, with the help of people in the space.

– Workforce Development: Professionals with blockchain and Web3 skills are in high demand. Push University will provide students with the necessary abilities to fill these professions.

– Innovation and Collaboration: By creating a community of young innovators, Push University will encourage collaborative projects and startups in the Web3 ecosystem.

– Diverse Opportunities: The effort will connect students with career opportunities, internships, and mentorship programs, allowing them to apply their skills in real-world circumstances.

Goals and Objectives:
The primary goal of Push University is to educate and empower students in the field of Web3.

– Educational seminars: Organize workshops on various areas of Web3, such as blockchain technology, smart contracts, decentralized apps (dApps), NFTs, and more.

– Industry Partnerships: Work with Web3 companies and organizations to offer students internship and job placement possibilities.

– Hands-on Projects: Organize student-led projects and hackathons to encourage practical application of information.

– Mentoring Programs: Create a network of Web3 industry mentors to help students navigate their learning journeys and job development.

– Certification programs: Create certification courses to authenticate students’ acquired skills and knowledge, which boosts their employability.

Measuring Success
To ensure the success and continuous improvement of Push University, we will implement the following key performance indicators (KPIs):

– Participation Rates: Track the number of students participating in workshops, mentorship programs, and certification courses.

– Job Placement Rates: Monitor the success of students in securing internships and job placements in the Web3 industry.

– Project Outcomes: Evaluate the impact and innovation of student-led projects and hackathons.

– Feedback and Improvement: Collect regular feedback from students, mentors, and partners to identify areas for improvement and adjust the program accordingly.

Additionally, we will track the progress of student work within Push DAO on the DAO’s master KPIs.

Push University provides an enormous opportunity to further education and career development in the rapidly expanding field of Web3. We can build a dynamic and effective learning environment by combining the PUSH Protocol’s capabilities with the excitement of students at Universities like Texas Tech University and many more. This effort not only solves present educational problems but also trains the next generation of Web3 leaders and innovators.

Let’s take a proactive approach to defining the future of Web3 education and professional development. I am excited to work with the PUSH Protocol DAO, WAA, and the larger Web3 community to make PUSH University a reality.


Please, vote on this proposal.

  • FOR: I like this proposal, We need to build the Push University
  • AGAINST: It needs more reviewing
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PD. I reviewed this proposal. :slight_smile:


GM, I think it is a quite good and interesting proposal!

I have some questions, does Push University plan to carry it out in collaboration with different universities or will it be a platform of its own for the protocol?
Are collaborations planned apart from Push <> Universities, other web3 projects and/or communities that are in a technological niche or does it extend to other niches?


@soymaferlopezp Gm, great questions!

To the first part: it will grow into subgroups with many universities. Grow intentionally step by step, university by university.

To the second part: Yes overall. Many collaborations planned. This is a proposal for a working group to onboard students, overall!



Thanks for the answers fren.
This proposal is very powerful and can create a great educational impact.

Keep Pushing!

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This initiative aligns perfectly with Push DAO’s mission to drive Web3 adoption and education.

As a community member, I am genuinely excited about the potential of this initiative. Addressing the knowledge gap in Web3 technologies is crucial, and Push University can play a significant role in educating students who are eager to learn but often lack accessible resources.


this proposal is welcome. i like the idea of Push University and Push Protocol/DAO doing impactful stuff in student communities worldwide. its something we should definitely pursue.

would love to see this formalised into a standard proposal (i.e., PIP) which provides more details about the operational mechanics, structures, and logistical considerations/arrangements (if any) that need to be in place for this initiative to kick off - all of which still seem pretty unclear and insufficiently fleshed out at the moment.

overall, this is a good initiative and is great for the Push ecosystem


I agree with @christiandike here.

It would be great if we could get more insights into the operational aspects, including who will lead this initiative.

Overall, though I am supportive of this proposal, it is true that there is a significant gap in knowledge for people who are just starting their professional careers on the opportunities available in the web3 space. I can’t wait to see how this evolves, and I would love to host a couple of workshops one day.

And welcome to Push DAO @damariscosss; It’s great to have you!

This is awaiting a few additions and currently, a temperature check vote will go up tomorrow.


From the moment I heard about this proposal I knew it would have a great impact :purple_heart:
I join the messages of appreciation and push @damariscosss, and also to cast a vote I would love to know details regarding the implementation, team, associated budget and any information of value that adds.
From my side, I am delighted to be able to take Push University to universities in Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina, just as a first approach. Count on me.