Push Ambassadors: What are the changes coming?: Beginning June 2024

Looking for the changes coming for ambassadors in June?

You’ve come to the right place!


Before March 2024, Ambassador hubs were well meaning but often disjointed in their efforts. This was due to a lack of a crystal-clear, unified set of KPIS for all of the 3 existing hubs and a lack of a formal monthly review process related to performance.

Starting in June 2024 and continuing throughout the DAO year, meaning until June 2025, each ambassador hub will be required to submit a monthly report to be reviewed by the DAO Council before payment is initiated. Reports will include OKRs agreed upon at the beginning of the month involved and every extra initiative undertaken, i.e., rarer larger-scale instances of extra budget needs for hackathons and larger-scale participation in events, will be assigned their own KPIs.

All hub leaders will be required to meet with at least one member of the DAO Council, between the 15th and the 23rd of the month involved, to begin discussing the next month’s goals.

All ambassador hub leaders will have dedicated Telegram channels with the Push DAO Council members.

What are the unified KPIs for all ambassador hubs?

As of June 2024, all ambassador hubs will be asked and required to focus their monthly and long-term efforts on the following four KPIs: increasing inbound developers to PUSH, increasing inbound potential builders(includes potential grantees) to PUSH, increasing potential integrations to PUSH, and increasing potential Push DAO contributors.

How are added budget items for ambassadors/ambassador hubs dealt with?

Any added budget item, i.e., any request for more funds than the allotted $3000 in PUSH that active ambassador hubs receive on a monthly basis, has to go through the formal governance process. That means added budget requests are only approved if they pass the 5-7 day discussion phase, are sent to a vote, and pass that vote in the 5-day voting period. Here, as with the bulk of other votes, i.e., all other votes except those involving extraordinary circumstances like voting out a council member, “passing,” refers to achieving a quorum of 1,400,000 votes or more.

How are monthly OKRs formatted?

The below is an example of how monthly OKRs should be formatted.

Objective: Increase inbound developers and DApps to the Push Ecosystem.

Key Result: Participate in two events a month with over 100 builders involved and achieve 25% or more as inbound to Push.

Key Result: Host a monthly hackathon and incentivize direct, novel, mobile and gaming DApps, built on Push.

Key Result: Publish 3 blog posts about why we need to own our communications and convert 5 or more startups to ecosystem leads through this monthly content.

If in further doubt, use the below as a guide:

https://asana.com/resources/okr-meaning We love all of our ambassadors and every change we make, as a community, is with the aim of bringing us all forward, together, to an even more efficient form of collaboration. With these changes in place, we’ll scale to even further heights than ever before, as one Push family!