[DISCUSSION] Push Ambassador Guidelines v1

Simple Summary

This proposal aims to create a new framework and guidelines for Push ambassadors to ensure they are active and engaged in Push DAO and the broader Push ecosystem.


The Ambassadors program is a unique initiative that allows individuals to represent Push in different ways. As part of the new changes to the DAO structure, the Push Ambassadors program was transferred to the DAO from the Push Foundation. This proposal is one of many that aim to ensure that ambassadors are aligned and deeply involved with Push DAO. As interest in Push DAO increases, including the number of contributors who wish to become ambassadors, we must ensure that our current ambassadors are engaged and active in Push DAO and the broader Push ecosystem.


We currently have three different ambassador hubs, Push Espanol, Push India, and Push Africa, each with approximately ten ambassadors. While we have some very active and involved ambassadors within Push DAO, the DAO Council believes there can be improvement in this area. We want to see all ambassadors deeply in sync and aligned with Push DAO, its goals, and its ecosystem. Therefore, we will set guidelines that all ambassadors must abide by to ensure they are active and engaged in Push DAO.


The first version of the Push Ambassador Guidelines seeks to have all ambassadors publish a monthly report, including their activities as part of Push DAO and proof of participation in Push DAO events. There will be different guidelines on the ambassador hub and individual ambassador levels. This means the leader of the ambassador hub will create a report collating the reports of all individual ambassadors. The process and platform in which these reports will be submitted will be shared on the forum after this proposal is passed, and this process will be continually improved to ensure operational efficiency.

Guidelines for Ambassador Hubs

  • Each Ambassador Hub is required to host an X Space each month, and the hub’s lead will determine the time and date of the X Space. The hub is free to choose a topic of discussion (Push-related topics are recommended) but requires a guest from outside the Push community to be invited. The DAO Council has the authority to choose a topic for the month depending on what is happening in Push DAO or the Push ecosystem. The hub lead should ensure that all ambassadors attend and will submit a recording of the space and the attendance of ambassadors as part of their monthly report.

  • Each Ambassador Hub is required to meet with the DAO Council once a month. This will be a check-in meeting where we will discuss any issues ambassadors face, and the Council will discuss strategic objectives for the ambassador hubs for the month. This meeting should ideally occur on the first week of each month, and all ambassadors should be in attendance. The hub lead should ensure that all ambassadors attend and will submit the attendance of ambassadors as part of their monthly report.

  • Starting July 1st, each ambassador hub must submit a list of their ambassadors, including their names, Push forum handles, and X/Twitter handles. This list will be shared on the Push Governance Forum every three months.

  • Each ambassador hub is required to have a Push Group Chat that all the ambassadors for the respective hub will be a part of. All members of the DAO Council should be added to the Push Group Chat. And the hub’s lead should ensure that all ambassadors are active in communicating within the group chat.

  • Each ambassador hub must create a Push channel, and all ambassadors should opt in. The ambassador leads will be in charge of ensuring that the channels are active. What will be shared on the hubs channel should include content from the Push DAO blog, content created by ambassadors, and Push DAO events. The ambassador hub lead will submit everything shared on the channel for the month as part of their monthly report.

Guidelines for Push Ambassadors

  • Push Ambassadors are required to attend and participate in at least 3 or 4 Push DAO events. This includes the Weekly Governance Call, Demo Thursdays, and any X Spaces held by Push DAO or members of the DAO Council attend as guests. These events will be shared in advance on the Push DAO Calendar. Proof of attendance will need to be submitted as part of each ambassador’s monthly report.

  • Push Ambassadors are required to participate actively in the Push Governance forum; this includes leaving constructive comments on new proposals, welcoming newcomers to the forum, and creating their own proposals. Proof of participation (links to the forum) must be submitted as part of each ambassador’s monthly report.

  • Push Ambassadors are required to maintain an active social media presence. This includes adding a Push Ambassador tagline on their X account’s bio while mentioning the Ambassador Hub’s X account and the Push DAO X account. Ambassadors must also actively engage with Push DAO/Push Protocol posts, including commenting and reposting. Lastly, all ambassadors must create at least three X threads monthly using content from the Push DAO blog. These contributions should be shared as part of each ambassador’s monthly report.

  • Push Ambassadors are required to participate in all Push DAO Governance votes. This means voting on each proposal that makes it to the Push DAO Snapshot page. For those unsure how to vote, the process is explained here. Proof of voting must be submitted as part of each ambassador’s monthly report.

Reponsibility and Accountability

The Ambassador Hub Lead must submit Ambassador Hub reports between the 1st and the 10th of each month. Each ambassador must also submit their monthly report to the Ambassador Hub Lead before the 1st of each month. The hub’s lead is responsible for ensuring that their report and each ambassador’s report have been collected and shared with the DAO Council by the EOD. The DAO Council will then review and evaluate each hub’s and each ambassador’s report. The DAO Council will complete the review process each month after each hub has submitted its report to the forum. After this, we will strive to ensure that each hub is paid within the following week.

The DAO Council will maintain a three-strike system for ambassadors, meaning that if ambassadors fail to adhere to the ambassador guidelines on three separate occasions, the DAO Council can choose to remove an ambassador from the Ambassador Hub, thus allowing for a new member to join. The DAO Council will also take recommendations from the Ambassador Hub Lead regarding ambassadors who are misaligned with Push DAO.

The DAO Council will maintain a five-strike system for ambassador hub leads. If a hub’s lead fails to adhere to hub guidelines on five separate occasions, the DAO Council can choose to remove the lead and elect a new one from the existing pool of ambassadors. Ambassadors can also vote down their lead if they feel they are not aligned with the rest of them. To avoid backlash, ambassadors can reach out to the DAO Council privately if they feel their lead is not acting in their best interests, after which the DAO Council will speak with other ambassadors to see if they maintain the same sentiment.


FOR: Enact Push Ambassador Guidelines v1 starting July 1st, 2024

AGAINST: Do Not Enact Push Ambassador Guidelines v1


How can I join the programme


Hey friend, we will announce it on the forum when applications open. If you want to become an ambassador, we will prioritize active and engaged community members, so be sure to participate actively.


great initiative! we need to make sure everyone is aligned with the goals of Push Protocol/DAO. we have already begun this effort with the DAO Council and the SubDAO Leads (grants + BD) by setting KPIs and performance standards for them. with this proposal, we would be doing the same for Push Ambassadors. this is a good way of achieving the ‘O’ in DAO. this proposal is well-timed and highly welcome :bell::purple_heart:


This proposal will ignite a firestorm of activity across all Ambassador hubs and by implementing this proposal, we can strategically incentivize Ambassador hubs, leading to a more coordinated and impactful dissemination of Push Protocol’s revolutionary communication solutions.

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The Push ambassador path must be explicit and conscious.
We will have more and more ambassadors and it is very necessary to have the guidelines in a place where everyone can consult them.

As someone who started their Push contribution path in the ambassador program, this role is almost always combined with other part-time or full-time roles. Which is why attending all the monthly meetings, even though they are posted on the DAO calendar, can be a hassle for some people.

Something that we have been implementing in some ambassador hubs, and is a balance point in this regard, is that attendance and participation in DAO events counts as a contribution and is not mandatory.

Monthly reports from each ambassador hubs should be submitted on the forum between the 1st-10th of the month. As soon as the ambassador hub’s effectiveness in its operations is reviewed for the DAO Council the payment for the month will be made.

I propose to make these significant improvements in this proposal.


Thank you for the suggestions Carla, I will make the necessary changes


I’ve added the suggested improvements. As per the governance process, I am adding a temperature check to this proposal before signaling for a vote. :ballot_box:

Push Ambassador Guidelines v1 [TEMP CHECK]
  • FOR: Enact Push Ambassador Guidelines v1 starting July 1st, 2024
  • AGAINST: Do Not Enact Push Ambassador Guidelines v1
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Sounds good to me! The new guidelines are clear and will help keep ambassadors active and engaged. Monthly reports and regular events will improve accountability and strengthen the Push ecosystem. Great move for more transparency and better community building!

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Hi @SixtyKeys

Being part of the ambassador program I think that having certain guidelines is interesting since part of what Push DAO is building is to be able to work together to push Push forward. However, with some points I think that can be discussed.

  • I agree with the comments of some with reference to the participation of all the activities. Given that, one can have other jobs or occupations that don’t allow to comply with attendance and still be able to be active members of Push that add to the growth.

  • While being an ambassador helps to boost Push Protocol, we must consider that many already have a personal brand according to a specific niche or may have little participation in some social networks. Considering that, the greatest contribution of the ambassadors with the creation of content is in the account of each Ambassador Hub, where they have a greater contribution and reach as a brand of the protocol in each region, increasing the effort as a group and not individually. Each ambassador can help to disseminate from their brand.
    In addition to the previous point, it seems to me that we can take into account that each ambassador has his strengths and skills, so it is of utmost importance to contribute from that. I mean, maybe an ambassador has a greater contribution in another area other than creating content and help in the growth of the brand.


when will i can join

As a Push Ambassador, I am glad that we can work together with the Push DAO.

Thank you for the changes made to the proposal, @SixtyKeys .

  • Regarding proposals that suggest significant changes, I consider it crucial to understand the original agreements established in each Ambassador Hub that led them to accept the proposal to become Push ambassadors.

Since it can be delicate to change key guidelines based on a vote by individuals who do not hold the ambassador role, a good practice could be to discuss and reach consensus between ambassadors and the DAO Council before presenting key changes as a proposal.

To give you more insight into the Latam Ambassador Hub, here are some of the original agreements we accepted when becoming Push ambassadors in Latam:

  1. Being a Push ambassador is not a full-time job. It is an add-on to our lives or occasionally a part-time role.
  2. Attendance at meetings and calls is not mandatory, especially if they coincide with your main job.
  3. The work is asynchronous, with a strong commitment to the tasks you take responsibility for.
  4. You must maintain good communication with the team to ensure the tasks of your Ambassador Hub are carried out.
  5. Each ambassador’s rewards are proportional to their contributions made during the month.
  6. Poor communication with the team or failure to complete committed tasks can result in strikes for an ambassador.

Regarding: sharing reports in the forum.

Currently, the Latam ambassadors prepare three reports per month for the DAO Council, which will now be supplemented by individual ambassador contribution reports.

  • I believe these reports from the ambassador hubs should not be published on the forum, as they could reveal privileged information about Push Protocol before key events are officially announced.

  • A summarized version of the public activities conducted by the ambassador hubs each month could be posted on the forum.

  • The condition is that this summary does not reveal information about alliances, negotiations, contests, campaigns being planned, or events being worked on for the coming months, as well as any other privileged information that has not yet been announced on the official Push Protocol, Push DAO, and ambassador hubs’ accounts.

  • Another important point is that it would be beneficial for everyone to have simple report formats and paid automated tools to streamline data collection. This would allow the time spent on reports to focus on an in-depth analysis of the month’s operations, and ensure that the activity on focal projects is not reduced because ambassadors are occupied with reporting.

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In this point, I suggest adjusting the representation of the ambassador hub in the X Spaces to 2 ambassadors (host and co-host).

As ambassador hubs always have a lot of work to do, I think it would be more beneficial for Push if the rest of the team, who are not hosting the X Space, could be engaged in other tasks for the Push team, making it optional for them to participate as listeners in the spaces where they are not hosting.

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Ambassador teams are composed of professionals with diverse skills and interests. The achievements each month result from the contributions made by ambassadors in various roles. I suggest that the reports reflect these different contributions made by each of them, but it should not be mandatory for each ambassador to create a specific number of threads during the month.

I agree with @soymaferlopezp on a point: the most significant contribution ambassadors make in content creation is through the account of each Ambassador Hub on their respective platforms (Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Medium, Push Channel, Reddit, etc.). Each ambassador can assist in dissemination, but there is no requirement to repost or comment on every publication from their personal accounts.

Regarding:Push Ambassadors must participate in all Push DAO governance votes.

I suggest providing each ambassador with a certain amount of Push tokens to keep in their wallet to vote actively on proposals. Each ambassador should have at least a 75% participation rate in the DAO’s proposals each month.

If an individual ceases to be an ambassador, they should return the tokens allocated for governance voting.


This proposal will go to a vote, Friday June 28th, latest.

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The incubation period for this proposal has been very positive, and I see some improvements that can still be made to it:

  1. Providing tokens in staking is a good option for ambassadors to vote and actively participate in proposals without risking the money they receive as rewards. This is certainly a point where the DAO Council can agree on the delivery mechanisms and penalties or the return of tokens by ambassadors (if applicable).

  2. Another point I would like to consider is regarding the strike system for ambassadors:

I think that there should be a preliminary step involving the hub lead, who will be responsible for issuing a warning about the ambassador’s low performance or failure to comply with guidelines. As the hub lead is in charge of submitting the group’s reports, they can also ensure team synergy and escalate any non-compliance by an ambassador to the DAO Council for the activation of the strike system of the ambassador in question and after 7 continuous days from the warning.

  1. About the strike-system for ambassador hub leads:

Each hub should internally have the capacity to react and vote on misaligned behaviors by the leader, issuing a warning as a preliminary step before escalating a request to the Council regarding the strike system. I believe there should be 3 strikes instead of 5, as is the case with the rest of the group.

Considering these points, I would like to request that the Council consider extending the temperature check period, allowing more time for discussion and modification of the proposal, which in the early stages is a super good thing. This extension should not change the purpose of the proposal, which is to establish clear guidelines for ambassadors and ensure operational efficiency.


I join the request for the Council to please extend the temperature check period, allowing more time for discussion and for modifying the proposal with the feedback provided.


Check this out:
@SixtyKeys, @christiandike, @Carlaupgrade, @EC3

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I agree with @Jose and @Carlaupgrade that it would be beneficial to refine the points raised before approval.

Personally, I have shared my opinion on one of them, as shown in the following link in the Spanish version: https://gov.push.org/t/propuesta-lineamientos-para-embajadorxs-push-v1/1698/3. Given that the deadline for approving this proposal is nearing, I find it entirely reasonable to extend the review period.

This would allow more time for discussion and for making adjustments to the proposal based on the feedback received, if deemed necessary.


This proposal is a great step towards ensuring the active engagement and alignment of Push ambassadors with the DAO’s goals. Clear guidelines and structured reporting will undoubtedly enhance our collective efforts. Excited to see the positive impact this will have on the Push ecosystem!