PGP Proposal : Age of Nakamoto <> EPNS

Project Name

Age of Nakamoto


About You

Odenir César (Founder & CEO ) alacoque#8712

Business designer under contract of multiple emerging digital banks in Brazil, aswell as crypto and stock market brokers, I am no stranger to rolling up his sleeves and getting into the production of the project. I am ensuring Age of Nakamoto remains on the right path of success.

Marcell Benevento (Product Manager) Marcell#2820

A decade of experience in product management, game design, and virtual economies. His experience in working for the slot game industry is integral to the project with the usage of mathematical formulas to authenticate the true Skill-To-Earn experience

Project TL:DR

Conceptualized from the philosophy of the blockchain and genesis block, the Age of Nakamoto grew into something far beyond decentralized security technology. Built as homage to these recent technological strides, Nakamoto’s world is fully-fledged and beautified, made to provide endless possibilities throughout a myriad of life-like biomes, shifting climate, and in-game events, all backed by a rich and plentiful lore that will keep users speculating and learning throughout the experience.

Where else could players jump into a game and become the digital embodiment of a medieval nobleman? Where else can you accumulate wealth and resources in a feudal economy, where war and destruction are just a few decisions away?

Proposal Category



Project Overview

Age of Nakamoto plans on setting the stage for the next evolution in Web3 games. For these reasons, we require more funding. The average Triple A game has a development cost of around 60M. We’re looking for 6.5M over the span of 3 years. In this particular $PUSH grant application, we are asking for 60K. The reason our project costs considerably less than a big corporate game is our optimized team. Our goal is to create blockchain game that utilizes a user focused approach that works on any device, rather than lean on expensive graphics that few devices can use.

One can make the argument that indie studios cost considerably less to develop their games, but those cut corners come at a different cost. Issues such as glitches, exploits, and server failures generally occur in games and are patched over time. However, as a blockchain game that utilizes real world transactions, these game-bugs can spell the failure of that game before it has a chance to flourish. Item duplication and exploits can turn a sound economic model into dust within hours. These funds are paramount to hiring top tier developers and quality assurance engineers to make the project bullet-proof.

A polished product reduces the cost of marketing considerably. And money invested up front will always pay off through enhanced product longevity. And that’s why, in the current step of our project (specifically for this budget request) we want to hire an game art team (3d modelers, to texture artists, and environment creators) and procedural generation developers. Having an expert in each of these fields will allow a collaboration that makes the game seem whole. Identifiable graphics are an important part of a brand, and at Age of Nakamoto we want any aspect of our game to be immediately recognizable.

Age of Nakamoto is also full of industry veterans that recognize the value in liquidity, and that is the final reason we’re looking for the large investment. Being able to pivot on a dime without having to liquidate company funds lets us stay agile in our approach towards planting our flag as leaders in the cryptoworld. We’ve got a working model that utilizes our proprietary “skill-to-earn” model, we’ve got short and long term plans for player retention, tournaments to tackle the untapped e-sports scene, and these funds will allow us to build the infrastructure to house all of this. We believe in Age of Nakamoto, and with your help we can really help the game reach its full potential.

Professionals hired through this grant:

  • Game Artists
  • 3D Modelers
  • Cinematic Expert
  • Animation Designer
  • Animation Renderer
  • Fullstack Developer
  • Game AI Developer
  • Game Developer

We’re eyeing a large part of our production team to be from South America, specially Brazil, however we acknowledge that industry veterans and labor from the worldwide stage will sometimes be required. This reflects the core value and skillsets of our international core team.

With the decline of the crypto market, funds via incubation from Venture Capitals reduced as well. This is through no fault of their own, businesses need to thrive. However, that heavily reduced our production funds and thereby reduced our production. With this we’re asking this grant to support our project going further. We’re in a land of opportunity, with this current drop, and the value for every cent will grow exponentially now more than ever with the future rise of the crypto market. Within chaos lies opportunity, and we’re looking to have you all join us on this opportunity to rise to the top. We must keep building.

Value Proposition to EPNS
Age of Nakamoto’s transparency and reducing a game to its core elements: Fun, Opportunity, and Longevity. Every successful game brings positive press towards the major protocols involved, and solidifies the future of Web3 even more. Successful crypto games increase the weight and legitimacy of blockchain games each time they come into the spotlight. Age of Nakamoto believes that one does not get to the top of the mountain alone, but as a tribe. We plan on partnering with Chainlink, Pooltogether and multiple other across the Blockchain, because historically not only cross promotion leads to success far better than market warfare, but it also increases user experience.

Funding Requested

155.763 $PUSH (TBD)

around $60K, 8/5/22 conversion date


October 2022: Finishing procedural generation and blockchain infrastructure for Land minting

October 2022: Finishing first set of procedurally generated NFT heroes (including 3D models)

November 2022:
Polishing lands landscape with new 3d assets, different nature shaders and post processing.

December 2022:
Launch Genesis Event ($AON Token TGE + 10.000 Lands NFT)

Wallet Address


Relevant Links & Attachments

We have a Showcase for our stakeholders of what is done so far in this link:

Our pitchdeck is available at:


Met EPNS through blakeburrito, then I met Jaf for pitching our partnership as using EPNS as a MUST integration. Since it is a time based strategy game, and users should be frequently notified about the progress of their civilization, such as trade and war interactions.


I couldn’t post more links due to being a new user.

Will update the post soon. Tks for understanding.

Having a AAA title like AON backed by epns would be pretty awesome, the use case is there and the game overall is really cool.

The main thing to consider is how many games already use notifications, they are a MUST to keep user’s attention locked in and playing consistently.

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One of the things that have helped the community take more informed decisions and move faster is providing more detailed information in the Value Proposition for EPNS.

AON definitely has lots of room for notifications. Can you please list some of them?
I can envision many marketplaces notifications, but would be helpful to have a more detailed breakdown of the notifications and milestones.

Q4/2022 - Marketplace notification for Lands

  • New land available
  • New resources available for your land block, etc
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Hey Jaf,

Tks for your interaction!

Definetly it has a lot of room.

There are many features to be tracked in our game, but here are the most important, I’ve tried to place them in categories:


  • Land purchasing (NFT) Q4/2022
  • NFTs Sale Auction Succesful Q4/2022
  • NFTs Bid Succesful Q4/2022
  • Leadership Purchase (NFT) Q4/2022
  • Blueprint Purchase (NFT) Q2/2023
  • Cards Purchase (NFT) Q2/2023


  • Involving building and management:
  • Blueprints that were finished building
  • Claiming resources
  • Deploying Units
  • Evolving civilization
  • Involving Guilds:
  • Outpost battle outcome notifications
  • Guild member deposits
  • Guild member rewards
  • Guild owner cashouts
  • Trading (in game Marketplace)
  • P2P Resource trading (0 fees)
  • Resource buying with AON (we act as market maker)
  • Resource selling with AON (we act as market maker)
  • PVP:
  • Outpost battle
  • Being attacked
  • Receiving battle summary from an attack you deployed
  • Scouting (this means deploying spies to get information from your enemy current buildings, troops, resources stacked)
  • The main travel mechanics with the summary of results when scout returns to base, should trigger a notification
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Hey alacoque!

I think this proposal is very sound. I like how you are trying to decentralize the gaming industry (as well as utilizing EPNS). This market needs more decentralized gaming the proper way. I hope you can lead the team in this endeavor. I endorse this proposal with a few quick questions.

Have you identified the partners you are going to hire for these needs?

  • Game Artists
  • 3D Modelers
  • Cinematic Expert
  • Animation Designer
  • Animation Renderer
  • Fullstack Developer
  • Game AI Developer
  • Game Developer

Curious your thoughts!

Kind regards,

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We have this internal document that awnsers most questions.

Our favorite studios at the moment are either Brazilian and Polish.

We have found a fine balance between pricing and quality. Beffio and Light farm are among our favourites.

Although we love both of these studios, we have found that they differ just a bit in terms of pricing. But both deliver are always top-notch. Overall, we feel that we have found a good balance between pricing and quality at these two studios. If they are not able to work for us now, we have also made budget inquiry with many others.

For the other part, the AI Developers, Game Developers (and coding involved) we them as team members that will receive rev/equity and some cash upfront to make this happen. Ofc, they need this in order to pay bills, aye? Can’t count on their generosity all the time, always.

We want to give it back. To our teammates, to EPNS and a kinds of early supporters. To the whole web3 gaming space that are sick of bad games with “let’s see what happens” tokenomics.

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